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Wade Sapp Radio Check Cover Art

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (July 29, 2022) – To much anticipation, Wade Sapp released his debut album, Radio Check, into the world today. This record has been in the works for over a decade, from writing to recording and now, its release. This album introduces Wade into the world as the classic, neo-traditional country artist he is; an artist that puts unadulterated songwriting at the forefront. With substantial support from SiriusXM Outlaw Country, and a vast touring history with artists like Colter Wall, Elizabeth Cook, Ian Noe and more, Wade has been playing his songs for thousands of people without any music released on streaming platforms. His latest single “The Boys We Were” featuring Colter Wall has surpassed 150,000 streams since its release only two weeks ago and goes to show the early energy fans have discovering Wade Sapp’s music. Stream Radio Check here:

“I played my first show ever in the summer of 2010 at a lakeside bar in Acworth, Ga. and I played an hour’s worth of cover songs. It was shortly after that time that I figured out the names by the track listing on my favorite country records were the actual writers of the songs I loved. I felt like I had been lied to my entire life. From that moment on I promised myself that if I ever put out a record, it would be my songs on there,” Wade starts.

“I don’t come from a musical family or background so I had a hard row to hoe ahead of me. Now, obviously ‘Beer Drinkin’ Blues’ is a cover song, and I co-wrote ‘Bleeding Blue’ but the rest of the songs on Radio Check are my songs. I lived them and I wrote them myself. I tried to include all of my influences and the sounds that make up what I do on this album, so that it would sound like you’re flipping through the radio stations while on a road trip. Sometimes it’s country to the bone, sometimes it rocks, and other times it’s folky and sentimental. There’s static throughout the record to indicate you’re traveling into a new area and picking up a new signal or sound. I made this record in Marietta, Ga. at The Green House with producer Aaron Hill, a mentor to me in life and music alike. He’s one of my best friends. Speaking of friends, that’s my actual band you hear on this record. I’ve played countless shows with these people. Elizabeth Cook sings backup vocals on nine of the songs and she has been immeasurably helpful in my journey as an artist. My friend Colter Wall plays the bad guy on ‘The Boys We Were’ which is a song about my brother and the night he went to prison. There are other friends on this record too in various places. This album is full of easter eggs and you’ll hear something new every time you listen. I put actual blood, sweat and tears into this project, so I know that it will be the perfect foundation for a lifelong career in country music. Get in, buckle up and crank it up. I’m here.”

Those located in the Nashville area are invited to Wade’s album release show at Dee’s Country Cocktail Lounge tonight, July 29 at 7:00 P.M. Wade will play the full album front to back. It will be a great night of country music featuring special guests Kristina Murray, Tyler Mahan Coe, Emily Nenni and Teddy & The Rough Riders. To stay up to date with Wade, please visit or follow him on InstagramTikTokFacebookYouTube and Twitter

“If you know anything about Colter Wall, you know he has an incredibly deep, haunting voice, that will grab your attention in an instant, and when you combine Sapp’s badass storytelling, you know you’re in for something special. The lyrics are so deep-cutting, you can picture the scenes in your head as if it were a movie” – Whiskey Riff


“A 2020 OurVinyl Session raised Sapp’s profile through versions of ‘Keep on Truckin’,’ ‘The Boys We Were’ and ‘Recently Single.’ He’s also found acclaim outside of Nashville, Tenn.’s singer-songwriter community through spins on SiriusXM’s Outlaw Country station.” – Wide Open Country

Radio Check Track Listing:
1. S.O.B (Wade Sapp)
2. Beer Drinkin’ Blues (Rocky Bill Ford)
3. Recently Single (Wade Sapp)
4. Keep On Truckin’ (Wade Sapp)
5. Radio Check (Wade Sapp)
6. The Boys We Were ft. Colter Wall (Wade Sapp)
7. Smoke (Wade Sapp)
8. Angeline (Wade Sapp)
9. Bleeding Blue (Wade Sapp, Taylor Craven, Nick Biebricher)
10. Ten Women (Wade Sapp)
11. At Ease (Wade Sapp)

About Wade Sapp
Wade Sapp is making authentic country music for a new generation. While steeped in tradition, Sapp blends influences from rock, folk and soul into his songwriting. At the age of 8, moving from the small south Florida town of Okeechobee to suburban Marietta, GA was a big change. But it was then Wade was exposed to more styles of music and eventually taught himself how to play guitar. As he got older, he started a band and began playing bars and clubs around Atlanta, eventually expanding to the southeast. After 7 years of paying his dues in the region, he decided it was time to take the next step in his career and make the move to Nashville. Since relocating in 2016, Wade has established himself as one of country music’s most exciting and promising stars. Over the past few years, he has played all over the U.S. opening for Colter Wall as well as perfecting his show on headliner dates. Now at long last, Wade has released his debut album, Radio Check!