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Ty Gregory Announces Debut EP “Twelve 10”

EP is a Journey Through Life’s Real Stories

(Nashville, Tennessee, April 9, 2024)—Rising country music artist Ty Gregory has released his debut EP, Twelve 10, now available (here) across all major digital music platforms. 


Twelve 10 stands out not only for its rich, narrative-driven lyrics but also as a tribute to Gregory’s late mother, who passed away on December 10, 2023. This date inspired the EP’s title and deeply influenced each track’s thematic essence. Through his music, Gregory navigates the everyday struggles, insecurities, heartbreaks, and moments of love, happiness, and freedom that define the human condition.


Born and raised just a stone’s throw away from Nashville, in the heart of Middle Tennessee, Gregory’s six-track EP is a heartfelt homage to real-life experiences, echoing the joys and sorrows that shape existence.


Recorded in Nashville, Tennessee, and produced by Dylan Rosson with mixing by Bart Busch, Ty Gregory’s musical roots trace back to his childhood, where hours spent watching 90’s country music videos ignited a passion that would lead him to his destiny. With influences ranging from Joe Diffie and Tracy Lawrence to modern rock bands like 3 Doors Down and Fuel, Gregory’s sound is a captivating blend of 90’s country twang and contemporary rock vibes, making his music resonate with many listeners.


Despite facing the immense loss of his mother amidst the recording of the EP, Gregory persevered, channeling his grief into his art. “My mother was my biggest fan and supporter,” Gregory shares. Twelve 10 is more than just an EP; it’s a part of my story, a piece of my heart.”


Before the release of Twelve 10, Gregory’s singles have already made a significant impact, reaching the top 50 on the Music Row Chart and showcasing his undeniable talent and potential. Gregory’s music can be found on all streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and Amazon Music.


Twelve 10 Track List includes:

  1. Easy Loving You(Ty Gregory, Tommy Waggoner, Terry Dickerson)
  2. Hell of a Heartbreak(Ty Gregory, Tommy Waggoner, Terry Dickerson)
  3. Country Hood(Ty Gregory, Tony Mullins, Tommy Waggoner, Terry Dickerson)
  4. Playing with Fire(Ty Gregory, Tommy Waggoner, Terry Dickerson)
  5. Cover Band(Ty Gregory, Tommy Waggoner, Terry Dickerson)
  6. Every Town’s Got One (Ty Gregory, Tommy Waggoner, Terry Dickerson)


For more information about Ty Gregory, his music, and upcoming shows, including multiple performances on the Whiskey Jam stage during the ‘Luke Combs – Growing Up & Getting Old’ stadium tour, visit