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The Woodsmen Set to Release New Single “Down the Line”

Dallas, Texas-based country music duo The Woodsmen, comprised of musicians Paul Renna and David Self, are proud to announce the release date for their latest single “Down the Line”.  “Down the Line” will be available on all major streaming platforms on March 8th


“Down the Line”, written by Paul Renna, tackles the universal truth that life’s journey is full of complications and obstacles.  Instead of dwelling and being defined by past setbacks, the song’s encouraging lyrics compel listeners to optimistically look towards a bright future.  Spontaneity and adventure are viewed as the cure for pensiveness and worry.


“Down the Line” was recorded at 512 Studios in Austin, Texas.  Producer Omar Vallejo framed the tune with an upbeat melody that effectively maintains a light and jovial mood.  Completing the sonic landscape is a backing band which includes Paul Renna and David Self on guitar, Scott Ramsay on harmonica, and Omar Vallejo on bass and drums. 


The Woodsmen’s latest single is the next milestone in their songwriting partnership that has endured for over two decades.  The duo is known for their distinctive sound which blends elements of Southern country, Americana, and soul.  On top of that foundation, they focus on songs crafted about everyday life and emphasizing dynamic harmonies within their vocals.    


The Woodsmen have an extensive touring background and are frequently on the road playing for a growing fanbase.  Country music supporters are encouraged to visit to stay updated on their tour dates.  Additionally, be sure to follow The Woodsmen on social media at Facebook @thewoodsmentx, Instagram @thewoodsmentx, Twitter @thewoodsmentx, and YouTube @thewoodsmen.