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The Songs & Stories Collective To Release Their First Original Single, "Stars & Stripes"

Stars & Stripes

Release: “Stars & Stripes”

Release Date: Friday 20th May

(via Climbing Mountains Records)

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The Songs & Stories Collective is made up of Tennessee Twin duo Victoria and Geoff and UK solo artists Donna Marie and Sarah Yeo. The quartet has always admired each other musically and, during the pandemic of 2020, decided to collaborate for a series of online performances. After a number of virtual songwriting sessions and a sold-out show, the mighty four made it official, and so ‘The Songs & Stories Collective’ came to be! 

Stars & Stripes’ was co-written by Sarah, Victoria, and Geoff from Tennessee Twin and Donna Marie. This is the first official release for the collective. 

Ultimately, the song is about the journey through a career in music and the many different paths it can take you on.”

The song speaks of shared experiences in the music industry (song true and others fictional) and how it isn’t all about being in the spotlight. It’s about the reality of hardship, and it isn’t always as it is portrayed through the media.

“The song itself took a little molding to put together as the process is all done remotely, files are sent to me, and I put things together in the studio. We wanted to tonally create something upbeat, and with a summer vibe, so we all very much worked together on that” [Donna Marie]

“You can’t get until you earn the stripes.”

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