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The Petal Falls Set To Release New Album “Everything About You” on September 2nd

Release Date: All regions 2rd September – Genre: Hard Pop Rock


Who are The Petal Falls?

“Everything About You” is the third full album release from The Petal Falls and again contains that irresistible blend of hard rock and pop that TPF’s music has become known for and this electrifying fusion has resulted in an infectiously brilliant style of music that’s blended with clever, meaningful lyrics and maddeningly beautiful production all of which has produced a brand of music that so many have now found impossible not to fall in love with.

So go have a listen to The Petal Falls and “Let The Music Do The Talking”


Band Line-Up:

Keith Leahy – Lead vocals/Guitar/Keyboards 

Robert Harpum – Guitar

Robin Tucker – Drums 

Dave Richards – Guitar 

Marius Ryndziewicz – Bass


Additional Artist:

Duncan Lowe – Keyboards/Bass 

Lee Tucker – Keyboards

Avril Davis – Backing Vocals 

Tracy Tucker – Backing Vocals 

John King – Drums (Big Pond)


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