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Texas Rattlers Win PBR Team Series Thunder Days as Only Team to Go 3-0 in Ridgedale, Missouri

Rising star Daniel Keeping knocks down two game-clinching rides over the weekend 

RIDGEDALE, Mo. – In the beautiful new Thunder Ridge Nature Arena in Ridgedale, Missouri, Daniel Keeping (Gorman, Texas) of the Texas Rattlers, presented by Ariat, proved to be a force of nature, recording two game-winning rides to propel the team to victory at Thunder Days, the eighth regular season event of the 2022 PBR (Professional Bull Riders) Team Series. 


“It feels good,” Keeping said. “I love the pressure. I don’t really think of the score. I just think about getting the job done, and the judges do the rest. I guess the riding speaked out tonight. We’re just kickin’ on the burners, and we ain’t done yet.” 


Home team hosts Missouri Thunder went 1-2 on the weekend. After losing to the No. 1 Carolina Cowboys 264.5-88.75 on Friday night and edging the Nashville Stampede, 267.5-261.75 on Saturday, the Thunder went scoreless against the Oklahoma Freedom on Sunday, losing 176.5-0. 

Recording a 1-2 record at their inaugural homestand, the Thunder finished sixth in the event and fifth in the bonus round and are now fifth in the 2022 PBR Team Series season standings. 


In the bonus round, none of the eight teams were able to record a qualified ride.  

The PBR Team Series will next travel to Dickies Arena in Fort Worth, Texas, for the seventh team-hosted homestand of the 2022 PBR Team Series Season and ninth event of the regular season. The Texas Rattlers will host Rattler Days on Oct. 7-9. The event will be on Friday, Oct. 7 at 7:45 p.m. CT, Saturday, Oct. 8 at 6:45 p.m. CT and Sunday, Oct. 9 at 1:45 p.m. CT. 


The game matchups for opening night of competition in Fort Worth, Texas on Oct. 7 are: 

  • Kansas City Outlaws @ Carolina Cowboys 
  • Arizona Ridge Riders @ Missouri Thunder 
  • Austin Gamblers @ Nashville Stampede 
  • Oklahoma Freedom @ Texas Rattlers 


PBR RidePass on Pluto TV will offer replays of all the PBR Team Series action from Thunder Ridge Nature Arena. Check for the latest programming schedule.  


Kansas City Outlaws Come Out Strong to Upset Arizona Ridge Riders at the PBR Team Series Thunder Days in Ridgedale, Missouri 

B-Roll (Courtesy of PBR): Click here to download. 


Kansas City Outlaws: 264.75 

Arizona Ridge Riders: 166.75 


RIDGEDALE, Mo. – On the last day of the PBR (Professional Bull Riders) Team Series Thunder Days, the Kansas City Outlaws rode three bulls to upset the No. 2 Arizona Ridge Riders, 264.75-166.75. The Outlaws opened the competition with Clancy Hart (Valley View, Texas) as he attempted to ride Malaki (Jenkins Cattle Co/CIL Cattle), bucked off at 3.73 seconds. However, Hart and the bull collided, resulting in a re-ride opportunity later in the game. First out for the Ridge Riders was Alisson De Souza (Taubate, Brazil), who was also unable to conquer his bull Mike’s Motive, bucked off at 2.73 seconds. After a scoreless first frame, the Outlaws were first to strike when veteran rider Marcus Mast (Middlebury, Indiana) earned 87 points aboard Chief (Blake Sharp/Michael Floyd). The Ridge Riders’ Eduardo Aparecido (Gouvelandia, Brazil) responded quickly, putting up 83.25 points in covering Slim Shady (Hadley Cattle Co/Stone Bucking Bulls). While a re-ride opportunity was offered, Technical Coach Paulo Crimber opted to keep the original score. Opening the third with both teams on the board, the Outlaws looked to 2022 PBR Rookie of the Year Bob Mitchell (Steelville, Missouri) to widen the lead. Mitchell did not disappoint, registering an 87-point ride atop Ninja Cowboy (Universal Pro Rodeo). Next for the Outlaws, Kyler Oliver (Roy, Utah) nodded for the re-ride atop Theodore (Lari Crane/Gene Owen). Although bucked off, the challenge button was pressed for official review. The judges ruled that the bull did not hip himself, costing the Outlaws their one challenge for the remainder of the game. Next up was the Ridge Riders’ Vitor Losnake (Bauru, Brazil), but he could not convert when brought down by Dang, Dang (Braswell Buckers) in 4.4 seconds. As the teams entered the fourth frame, the Outlaws remained ahead by one bull, 174-83.25. Dalton Kasel (Muleshoe, Texas) seized the opportunity to extend the Outlaws’ lead over the Ridge Riders, dominating Apper’s Mind Freak (Jo-Z Bucking Bulls/K Bar C Bucking Bulls/Spark-Lin-Acres) for a massive 90.75 points. With two outs remaining for the Ridge Riders, they would need north of 90 points per ride. Marco Eguchi (Poa, Brazil) made the 8 aboard The Sauce Too (Blake Sharp/Henry Wilson), but only registered 83.5 points. Holding a massive lead, the Outlaws’ Dalton Rudman (Wellington, Utah) attempted to add to the scoreboard, but was bucked off in 5.3 seconds on Back Yard Boogie (OG Cattle Co/D-W Productions). The red flag was thrown, and Head Coach J.W. Hart took the option for a re-ride.  The final out for the Ridge Riders put Luciano De Castro (Guzolandia, Brazil) in a nearly impossible position, needing to score 98.25 points to take the lead for his team. While Castro seemed to have made the 8 on War Dress (Janke Clark/Gene Owen), the official clock was stopped at 3.47. After review, it was ruled that he slapped the bull, resulting in no score. As the last ride, Kansas City’s Dalton Rudman (Wellington, Utah) took on Happy Gambler (Sho-Me Rodeo/Austin), but was brought down in 5.3 seconds. Pulling a huge upset, the Kansas City Outlaws (9-13) finished the weekend 2-1, while the Arizona Ridge Riders (12-9-1) were 1-2. 



Texas Rattlers Defeat Nashville Stampede to Win PBR Team Series Thunder Days as Only Team to Go 3-0 in Game Play 

B-Roll (Courtesy of PBR): Click here to download. 

Texas Rattlers: 88.75 

Nashville Stampede: 86.75 


RIDGEDALE, Mo. – As the only undefeated team coming into Championship Sunday in Ridgedale, Missouri, the Texas Rattlers, presented by Ariat, edged out the Nashville Stampede 88.75-86.75 at the PBR (Professional Bull Riders) Team Series’ Thunder Days. In a replay of Saturday night when the Rattlers beat the Kansas City Outlaws, once again on Sunday, undrafted free agent Daniel Keeping (Gorman, Texas) knocked down a clutch final ride to win the game. 

First out on Sunday was the Stampede’s Kaique Pacheco (Itatiba, Brazil) aboard Rockville (Blake Sharp/Kow Wetzel/Giovanni/Morris). After the bovine athlete decided not to cooperate in the chute, Pacheco was offered a re-ride after the Rattlers’ first out. Leading off for the Rattlers was Joao Ricardo Vieira (Itatinga, Brazil), who was flung off I’m A Secret (K-C Bucking Bulls/Bull Creek Bucking Bulls) in 6.08 seconds. Pacheco then set aboard Twisted Feather (Blake Sharp/Michael Floyd/Cain Kobert) to take the re-ride, but was bucked off in 3.65 seconds. Texas Rattlers’ Brady Fielder (Clermont, Queensland, Australia) also was awarded a re-ride opportunity after attempting Show-Off (Ty Rinaldo TZ Bucking Bulls). After the first and second frames produced no qualified rides, the two teams entered the third scoreless. Looking to put points on the board, Thiago Salgado (Navirai, Brazil) climbed atop Next Strand (Young Cattle/Jack and Dot Verbois/D&H Cattle Co.). Riding jump-for-jump, Salgado stepped up for the winless Stampede with 86.75 points. With the Stampede now one bull ahead, Junior Patrik Souza (Sonora, Brazil) was unable to convert, dispatched by Problem Child (TCB Ranch/K-C Bucking Bulls) in 2.32 seconds. With both teams blanked in the fourth, Fielder took his re-ride opportunity but came down early aboard Mike’s Effect (Blake Sharp/Michael Floyd/Cain Kobert), at 3.65 seconds. With one ride remaining for each team, the Stampede looked to Silvano Alves (Pilar do Sul, Brazil) to clinch their first win of the weekend. Alves attempted to ride Do Dat Eddie (Universal Pro Rodeo/Rachel & Dustin Powell), but was bucked off in a swift 2.63 seconds. As the last opportunity, the Texas Rattlers needed closer Keeping to score in excess of 87 points to take the win. On Saturday night, Keeping had stepped up for his team with a massive 90-point game-winning ride. Keeping once again brought it home aboard Willis (OG Cattle Co.) for 88.75 points to cement the victory. Courtesy of the win, the Texas Rattlers (10-12) finished 3-0 to earn their first event win, while the Nashville Stampede delivered another frustrating loss (5-16-1) and finished 0-3 in Missouri. 



No. 1 Carolina Cowboys Defeat Austin Gamblers during Last Day of PBR Team Series Thunder Days Competition in Ridgedale, Missouri 

B-Roll (Courtesy of PBR): Click here to download. 


Carolina Cowboys: 261 

Austin Gamblers: 89.5 


RIDGEDALE, Mo. – On the last day of competition for the PBR (Professional Bull Riders) Team Series’ Thunder Days, the Carolina Cowboys bounced back after going 0-for-5 on Saturday night to put up three rides and crush the Austin Gamblers 261–89.5. The Gamblers were without No. 1 draft pick Jose Vitor Leme (Ribas Do Rio Pardo, Brazil), who aggravated sore ribs after being slammed to the dirt on Saturday night following his game-winning ride. To open the game on Sunday, Ezekiel Mitchell (Rockdale, Texas) in the lead-off position was no match for Gold Chain (Young Cattle Co.), bucked off at 3.71 seconds. Ridign in the leadoff position for the Cowboys was Cooper Davis (Jasper, Texas), who hung on valiantly for the final two jumps aboard Falcon Eddie (Lari Crane/Gene Owen) to register an 88.75-point ride. With the Cowboys on the board first, Griffin Smeltzer (Claresholm, Alberta, Canada) started off strong in trying to respond for the Gamblers, but was ultimately no match for Midnight Flyer (Jane Clark/Gene Owen) in the top of the second. Carolina’s Boudreaux Campbell (Crockett, Texas) wasted no time to capitalize on the Gamblers’ dry streak, and further widened the lead with 80.5 points atop Blazer (Universal Pro Rodeo/Rachel & Dustin Powell). After a scoreless third frame, the Gamblers were in a must-ride position at the top of the fourth as Conner Halverson (Gordon, Nebraska) climbed aboard Whip (Obernagel/Sho-Me Rodeo). Halverson, however, hit the ground after just 2.07 seconds, clinching the win for Carolina. With the win in hand, the Cowboys were shutout in the bottom of the fourth as Lane Nobles (West, Texas) was upended by Red Demon (Universal Pro Rodeo/Rachel & Dustin Powell) in a quick 1.48 seconds to remain unridden. In the top of the fifth, Ramon de Lima (Rio Branco, Brazil) finally struck for the Gamblers, preventing them from suffering a scoreless defeat as he rode Black Ice (BMC Bucking Bulls/Jenkins Cattle Co.) for 89.5 points. To close the game, 2022 PBR World Champion Daylon Swearingen (Piffard, New York) further added to Cowboys winning score as he dominated Hostage (Hale/Wood/Ogden) for a monstrous 91.75 points. The Carolina Cowboys (14-8) finished 2-1 for the weekend, while the Austin Gamblers (11-11) concluded PBR Thunder Days 1-2. 



Oklahoma Freedom Defeat Scoreless Missouri Thunder on Last Day of PBR Team Series’ Thunder Days 


Oklahoma Freedom: 176.5 

Missouri Thunder: 0 


RIDGEDALE, Mo. – As the games concluded Sunday night at the PBR (Professional Bull Riders) Team Series’ Thunder Days in Ridgedale, Missouri, the Oklahoma Freedom rode two bulls to beat the home team Missouri Thunder 176.5-0. With three 90-point rides to his name already in the 2022 Teams season, Chase Outlaw (Hamburg, Arkansas) opened the game for the Freedom with a qualified ride in the lead-off position, scored 86.25 points on God Bless America (Hoefer/Berryman/Ogden). Looking to make the same impact, the Thunder’s Andrew Alvidrez (Seminole, Texas) set aboard Hillbilly Rock (New Frontier Rodeo) but he was flipped up and over the bull in a quick 2.76 seconds. Entering the second frame, Tate Pollmeier (Fort Scott, Kansas) seemed to register a qualified ride on High Times (Ty Rinaldo TZ Bucking Bulls), but it was quickly challenged for a possible slap. After official review, it was ruled that Pollmeier slapped the bull at 7.84 seconds, resulting in no score. What looked to be a dominating start for the Freedom, left the door open for the Missouri Thunder. Eager to capitalize on the stumble from Oklahoma, Luke Parkinson (Denman, New South Wales, Australia) was unable to rise to the occasion for Missouri, sent to the ground in 4.12 seconds by Rock Solid (TCB Ranch/K-C Bucking Bulls). The next three frames would remain quiet as neither team could make the 8 aboard their bovine opponents. As the fourth frame came to a close, the Thunder looked to Cody Teel (College Station, Texas) to get back in the game. Up against Kong (Coleman/Ogden Ranch), Teel was unable to step up for his team and was bucked off at 6.61 seconds. The last out for the Freedom was Derek Kolbaba (Walla Walla, Washington) and he did not disappoint, scoring a massive 90.25 points on Red River (Ty Rinaldo TZ Bucking Bulls). Looking to get points on the board Sunday afternoon, the Thunder’s Adriano Salgado (Batatais, Brazil) attempted to ride Wasted Nights (Hale Cattle Co), but was unable to secure a ride after being bucked off at 3.69 seconds. With that, the Oklahoma Freedom (13-9) finished 2-1 in Ridgedale, while the Missouri Thunder (11-11) finished 1-2 at Thunder Ridge Nature Arena.  


Here are the current Team standings for the Ridgedale PBR Team Series after concluding PBR Thunder Days: 

  1. Texas Rattlers, 3-0-0-7 
  2. Carolina Cowboys, 2-1-0-6 
  3. Oklahoma Freedom, 2-1-0-5 
  4. Kansas City Outlaws, 2-1-0-2 
  5. Austin Gamblers, 1-2-0-8 
  6. Missouri Thunder, 1-2-0-4 
  7. Arizona Ridge Riders, 1-2-0-1 
  8. Nashville Stampede, 0-3-0-3 
Here are the current Team standings for the regular season after concluding PBR Thunder Days in Ridgedale, Missouri:
  1. Carolina Cowboys, 14-8-0-59 
  2. Oklahoma Freedom, 13-9-0-35 
  3. Arizona Ridge Riders, 12-9-1-26 
  4. Austin Gamblers, 11-11-0-49.5 
  5. Missouri Thunder, 11-11-0-33 
  6. Texas Rattlers, 10-12-0-33 
  7. Kansas City Outlaws, 9-13-0-26.5 

About the PBR (Professional Bull Riders) Team Series: 

The PBR Team Series is an elite new league that features the world’s top bull riders competing on teams in five-on-five bull riding games during an 11-event season beginning in July and culminating in a team championship at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas November 4-6.  During the 2022 season, each of the eight teams representing teams in Austin, TX; Fort Worth, TX; Glendale, AZ; Kansas City, MO; Nashville, TN; Oklahoma City, OK; Ridgedale, MO; and Winston-Salem, NC will host a three-day homestand.  There will also be neutral site games in Cheyenne, WY and Anaheim, CA. To determine team rosters, the league held a rider draft on May 23 prior to start of the 2022 season among any bull riders who have declared for the draft during a league eligibility window. The PBR Team Series builds on the existing structure of professional bull riding with the same basic rules for judging and scoring qualified 8-second bull rides. Events will be staged in a tournament-style format with all teams competing in head-to-head matchups against a different opponent each day. Each game will feature five riders per team squaring off against another team. Full team rosters will be comprised of seven riders on the core roster and three practice squad members. The team with the highest aggregate score of qualified rides among its riders will be declared the winner of each game. The event winner will be the team with the most game wins across an event, with a special bonus round designed as a tiebreaker to determine final event standings. All PBR Team Series events will be carried on either the CBS Television Network, streaming live on Paramount+, CBS Sports Network, or RidePass on Pluto TV.