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Tennessee Twin Set to Release New Single “Fit to Love”

Multi-Award Winning Americana duo Tennessee Twin embark on a new chapter in their music career and unveil their captivating new single “Fit To Love” which is set for release on Friday 8th September!


Geoff and Victoria Meads, who recently joined boutique agency ZimagineD as their 2023-24 Development Artist, have wasted no time in starting the next chapter of their music career. They have begun by refreshing their brand image and returning to the studio to record a string of new singles. 


Americana music fans, brace yourselves! The highly talented dynamic duo, acclaimed for their soul-stirring harmonies and thought-provoking lyrics, proudly reveal the long-awaited arrival of their newest single. With its captivating storytelling and profoundly evocative emotions, this track will undoubtedly resonate and leave an indelible mark on the listener.


“Fit To Love” powerfully weaves together intricate melodies with a slick electric guitar and a powerful lead vocal from Victoria that exudes confidence and packs a real punch, along with lush harmonies that transport listeners to a place of introspection and connection. Fearlessly exploring the complexities of love, the lyrics delve into the relentless pursuit of authentic human connection, shedding light on the unfortunate situations where we may find ourselves entangled with someone who isn’t true to their initial portrayal.

When asked about the meaning behind the lyrics, Geoff and Victoria said “The theme of this song was inspired by a close friend who was suffering at the hands of someone who should have had their back. They were all ‘sweetness and light’ whenever they wanted something, but downright nasty when things weren’t going their way. If that sounds familiar, then this is for you too! As for the sound, in the studio our band came up with exactly the feel we had in mind. If you’ve ever wondered what a Brantley Gilbert / Carrie Underwood collaboration might sound like, this just might be it! 


 “Fit To Love” is available to pre-save / pre-order now



The music world had no idea of what the future would hold when fate brought Victoria and Geoff together in 1997. Both on their own path seeking music success, a chance meeting in a studio, resulted in a (now hidden!) Eurovision cassette tape and changed their course forever – and we are so delighted it did! It’s truly amazing how one serendipitous encounter can have such a profound impact on someone’s life. From that moment on, Victoria and Geoff’s journey in the music industry took an upward trajectory, filled with new opportunities, collaborations, and exciting adventures. Their fateful meeting not only connected them on a personal level but also ignited a spark of creativity that would go on to captivate audiences around the world.


Today, they are celebrated as a well-loved singer-songwriter duo in the UK Country and Americana world, and their story serves as a testament to the power of following one’s passion and embracing unexpected opportunities. 


Embarking on a variety of ventures over the past 26 years, they have been driven by shared interests, inspiration, determination, and a love of performance and storytelling through music. Their passion has led them to explore different genres, collaborate with other artists, and create timeless melodies that resonate with audiences worldwide. In 2016, inspired by the hit TV show “Nashville” along with their hard work and dedication culminated in the birth of their highly acclaimed project, Tennessee Twin, which not only took the Country and Americana music scene by storm but also earned them numerous prestigious awards 


The incredible blend of modern Country, Folk & Americana creates songs to live by, and through. The combined elements of lyrical honesty and musically melodic tunes leave their listeners feeling empowered.


Recent performances have included the prestigious British Country Music Festival, Cambridge Folk Festival, The West Country Music Festival, Country on the Coast & Nashville Calling. They’ve also appeared overseas, including dates in Nashville, Denver, and Amsterdam.


With their talent, charisma, and unwavering commitment to their craft, this duo continues to captivate hearts and minds, pushing the boundaries of the genre and leaving an indelible mark on the industry.