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Stu Basham Releases New Single “Glow in the Dark”

It all started with a sticker on his daughter’s shirt. It somehow fell off and got stuck on the console of his car when he was out grabbing medicine for her. It said “I Glow in the Dark” and it sparked one of the best songs Stu has ever written. He thought about walking through dark trials in his life and coming out the other side putting music to the stirring lyrics.


Basham has made an anthem for everyone to sing who is going through a tough time. With lyrics like “I’ve got a flame that’ll never stop burning, ain’t backing down when the road gets hard, cause I glow in the dark” you can’t help but be inspired.


Basham releases this song with a ton of momentum in 2024 being added to Spotify’s New Music Friday country playlist getting thousands more listeners. He hopes it inspires people to hear the words and know that there is light in the dark and we all deserve a chance to shine.