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Stu Basham Releases New Single “Cowboy Cocaine”

2023 ended for Stu Basham with a lot of momentum since working with producer Blake Mohler. He’s been recording with him ever since and has a lot to bring in 2024 including his new country single “Cowboy Cocaine.”


Though it’s got a racy title, the lyrics actually convey a very honest, raw, and dependable outlook on love admitting that there’s something in every man that wants the freedom to go where the road takes him but love is stronger than any high and he wants to stay.


In the chorus you hear lines like “Some guys need a hit of that highway” or “Ain’t gonna leave you for some blacktop shot to the vein” and they give a very deep and powerful description that allows the love of his life to know he’s here for good and nothing can pull him away.


In the end it’s the high of being with the one you love that he craves most. “Cowboy Cocaine” mixes Basham’s favorite influences of modern rock country and his love of Dave Matthews Band and it is clearly evident in this single. He’ll be releasing many more songs to come in 2024.