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Stefan West Releases New Single "Slow Down World"

Geelong, Australia – Stefan West, Australia’s own indie sensation from the coastal city of Geelong, will release his third single from forthcoming transformative album, ‘Cambridge’ on 15th March, 2024. ‘Slow Down World’ promises listeners a boundary-pushing and sensory-stimulating adventure through the realms of indie rock, punk rock, and folk.


Produced and mixed by Chris Gatz at GM Sound Studios and mastered by Joe Carra at Crystal Mastering, ‘Slow Down World’ is a moving exploration of the human experience when the pursuit of self-improvement collides with the overwhelming chaos of life.


In the Stefan’s own words, “Slow Down World is about when self help goes to far. Its about trying absolutely everything that you hear might make you feel better, but you still feel stuck. its about trying your absolute best and it still not feeling good enough and just needing the world to slow down for a moment to catch your breath, because every moment feels like you’re on the verge of crumbling”


Stefan West takes listeners on an emotional ride, discussing the challenges of managing his mental, physical and emotional health, experiencing highs that touch the sky and lows that sink into the deepest of depths. The song’s creation process included a realisation of personal hardships, which were then conveyed with dramatic lyrical and a musical collaboration that added levels of dimension.


During the COVID pandemic, Stefan collaborated with Aaron Schembri to produce the unique guitar & bass rhythm’s and the vocal harmonies. The song is enhanced by a horn section featuring Stefans own father, which adds a personal touch to this powerful musical narrative.


Stefan West’s music is a fusion of indie, pop, punk, and folk rock elements, influenced by artists such as Angels & Airwaves, blink 182, Powderfinger, and Joe Pug. 


His upcoming album, ‘Cambridge,’ delves into his personal journey of resilience and redemption that has led him to this point. As he battles addiction and finds solace in music, Stefan’s story unfolds through his authentic and vulnerable songwriting. The album promises to be an intimate look at his journey to recovery and self-discovery.


Aside from his musical endeavours, Stefan West is a passionate advocate of mental health awareness and addiction recovery. He hopes to use his platform to inspire and uplift others who are going through similar struggles, transforming his journey into an embodiment of hope.


Stefan West invites you to accompany him on his introspective and melodic journey. ‘Slow Down World’ invites you to contemplate, connect, and find consolation in the delightfully chaotic adventure of life.




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