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Singer-Songwriter Xolex Set to Release Upcoming Single “Daisy Dukes"

Iowa-Born Nashville-Based Artist’s Latest Release Revisits Her Roots in Forthcoming Song

The Iowa born, Nashville bound artist, XOLEX (pronounced like her usual sign-off, XO, Lex) is a non-conformist country woman, and won’t apologize for it. Forged by gritty faith and relentless resolve, her sound fuses pop sensibilities with soulful roots and a rock n’ roll edge. At the center of her relatable narratives and lyrical prowess, is a voice that’s raw, addictive, and impassioned, laying the groundwork for a lane that’s all her own. 


Her emboldened single releasing May 31th is co-written & produced by Nashville veterans Troy Johnson (Keith Urban, Sara Evans, Montgomery Gentry) and Bonnie Baker (Reba, Hunter Hayes, Rachel Platten) is the power charged boost we all needed but didn’t know we deserved. XOLEX, who says about the song “Daisy Dukes really stems from me moving to a big city and chasing my dreams, I’m known for being a gypsy and traveling so much and my parents have always told me not to forget my roots, I feel like this was my inspiration behind the track.”


XOLEX, whose given name is Alexis Curran, began writing songs as a child in the small town of Chariton, Iowa. She spent her early years cultivating a strong sense of community roots, family values, and some creative ways of passing the time. “There wasn’t much to do so my friends and I would do the craziest stuff like floating down a dirty river or go “wheeling” and “mudding” which was basically just us four-wheeling and driving big trucks around in the mud on a rainy day. Looking back, it’s so funny to me.”


After high school XOLEX attended Iowa State University, where she studied marketing and advertising, and began to cultivate her unique style and individuality. “In the same way that somebody can go to a country concert and jam out with their boots and cowgirl hat and then the next day go to a hip-hop/trap gig with heels and a sexy dress—I just love it all. To be able to connect with everyone despite different upbringings, or cultural backgrounds is important and beautiful and that’s what being human is about.”


At the start of the pandemic, XOLEX decided to take her songwriting to the next level and quickly found the studio to be her sanctuary. After some trial and error and deciding to walk away from a less than desirable recording contract, she has found herself at home with her Nashville music team. Through it all she’s developed a resilience and swagger that’s common among her biggest female influences: Miley Cyrus, Adele, Jelly Roll, and Chris Stapleton “No matter what, my energy speaks for itself and I hope that people can feel that and connect with me through my music, to know they’re not alone.”


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