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Singer/Songwriter Gina Powers Releases New Single “Great Divide”

Latest Release Centers on Family Ties and American Pride


Release Day Features – Radio Free Fargo KRFF 95.9 FM’s This Side Of Country, Radio SoBro’s NuMu Friday, & Pop Blitz Magazine’s New Music Friday Pick


Now Available On All Digital & Streaming Platforms  

Cover Art: Gina Powers Music/Canva

(Nashville, TN. – June 21, 2024) – Singer/songwriter, Gina Powers is thrilled to release her powerful new self-penned single, “Great Divide.” Crafted from the heart alongside Nashville tunesmith, Dave Lenahan, both songwriters felt led to contribute to our wonderful country in bringing this nation together. “’Great Divide’ feels like a song we could all use right now and I couldn’t have found a more perfect co-writer to create ‘our call for unity’ with,” reflects Powers. “Once we completed the song, I contacted John D. Willis to produce it. He also mixed and mastered it. He did a phenomenal job bringing it to life. His artistry is masterful. It was a team effort, no doubt! I am so grateful and can’t wait for everyone to hear this song! May we all find a way across the Great Divide.” The song is already creating a buzz among industry professionals and fans alike. Powers started off her morning as a guest on Radio Free Fargo KRFF 95.9 FM’s This Side Of Country where her new single was featured. It will also be featured on Radio SoBro’s NuMu Friday at 2 PM & 6:30 PM CST and added into rotation, and it is one of Pop Blitz Magazine’s New Music Friday picks. Listen HERE


“Great Divide” is something special. The upbeat tune with its infectious groove has an inspiring message to share and will speak to hearts everywhere. It is a song of substance. The stellar production boasts Powers’ signature sound – her rich, soulful textured vocals and harmonies that wondrously blur the lines between the musical genres of Americana, country, pop/rock, and soul. The smokin’ guitars and banjo are the icing on the cake. You can hear her diversified musical influences shining through – reminiscent of the greats – everyone from Patsy Cline and Dolly Parton, to Carly Simon, Stevie Nicks, and Bonnie Raitt, with a hint of Lacy J. Dalton, – but all with her unique flair.


The idea for this song came about as Powers was driving from Fargo to Nashville while feeling homesick and disconnected. During the drive, she noticed a lot of Garrison-sized USA Flags, the huge flags that fly over car lots and businesses. For the first time in a while, her heart felt full and ‘home’ every time she saw the stars and stripes waving in the distance. She made a voice memo with a melody and hook, ‘this whole country’s my home, no matter where I roam…’  Then, started thinking about all the things we have in common and how it seems like everything these days is about division and taking sides. I firmly believe music, at its best, brings people together and I set out to make this a song about unity but knew I needed and wanted a co-writer’s contribution, recalls Powers.“I took it to Dave Lenahan, who I am so fortunate to work with in Nashville, told him the story and what inspired it and we immediately got to work… and ‘Great Divide’ was born.”


“In a little town just outside of Fargo
Old timers sipping coffee at a Casselton Cafe 
As the sun comes up in the heart of old Chicago
Lou Mitchell’s baking donuts like he does most every day


I sing my songs from town to town
One thing that I’ve found
Everyone is different but
We stand on common ground


This whole country is my home 
No matter where I go
From the big sky on the prairies to the crowded city roads
We’ve got family ties and American Pride
And even when we don’t see eye to eye
We find a way across the great divide


As I make my way past a lake in Minnesota
In the distance, I can see those stripes and stars 
They wave the same as they do in Arizona
I know I’m still proud of who we are


To my left, to my right
People trying to live their life
We see each other with our eyes
The heart is where we all unite…”


“Great Divide is more than a song; it’s a call for unity in a divided world. With Gina Powers’ soulful vocals and our shared vision, we crafted a melody that transcends political lines, igniting pride and a collective desire to bridge the gap and unite our great nation,” adds Dave Lenahan, co-writer and host of Songwriters Connection Podcast.


“I am honored to have worked with the super-talented Gina Powers and to have produced such a compelling and timely song. ‘Great Divide’ is masterfully crafted and Gina’s performance is dynamic! It will speak to hearts of all ages, everywhere. It was a pleasure to have played a part in bringing Gina & Dave’s vision to life,” comments John D. Willis, Multi-Award-Winning Session Musician & Record Producer.


The “Great Divide” official lyric video will be premiering on Powers’ YouTube channel on June 25th at 10 AM CST. 



6/25 – Moorhead River Arts, Moorhead, MN, 6-8 p.m. (Full Band Show)
6/26 – Music in the Park, Hatton, ND, 6-8 p.m. (Solo Acoustic)
6/28 – Outstate Brewing Company, Fergus Falls, MN,  7-10 p.m. (Solo Acoustic)
7/3-7 – Buffalo Ridge Resort Residency, Gary, SD 


To keep up with the latest news on Gina Powers including new music and upcoming shows, visit her WebsiteFacebookInstagramSpotify, and YouTube.


Gina Powers is a versatile and captivating singer/songwriter and recording artist with a unique blend of Americana, country, pop/rock, and soul. Her powerful vocals and dynamic stage presence have captivated audiences of all ages and musical tastes.


Powers has been singing and playing guitar since she was a child, and her musical influences range from Patsy Cline and Dolly Parton to Bonnie Raitt and Stevie Nicks. 


In 2022, Powers released two singles, “Till I Get Through the Night” and “Mississippi’s Burning,” both written by award-winning songwriter Jerry Foster. “Not Anymore” was released in early 2023 followed by two original songs: “All I Ever Wanted” and “Extra Ordinary Life.” 


In addition to her solo career, Powers is also the lead singer of The Gina Powers Band, a powerhouse country-rock band that has been playing together since 2015. The band has been featured in several publications and the Prairie Musicians television series. 


Whether she’s performing solo or with her band, Gina Powers is a force to be reckoned with. Her passion for music and her ability to connect with audiences make her one of the most exciting new artists on the scene.

Photograph Credit: Kyle Medenwald