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Singer-Songwriter Ella Mckenzie Inspires Others to Move Forward With Debut Single "Baby How Do I Say Goodbye"

Pop Blitz Magazine’s New Music Friday Pick


Now Available On All Digital & Streaming Platforms

Photograph/Design: Erin McCaffrey Photography

(Nashville, TN. – April 30, 2024) – Fifteen-year-old rising country-pop /singer-songwriter Ella Mckenzie is excited to release her debut single, “Baby How Do I Say Goodbye.” Ella co-wrote the infectious, uptempo song with Nashville tunesmith Erin McCaffrey and it was co-produced by McCaffrey and P.T. Houston of Off The Row Studio just outside Nashville. “Baby How Do I Say Goodbye” is already creating a buzz among industry professionals and music fans alike. The song was one of Pop Blitz Magazine’s New Music Friday picks upon release. It is available on all digital and streaming platforms. Listen HERE.


“Baby How Do I Say Goodbye” is about that first breakup from a youthful perspective. The heartfelt lyrics were written from raw emotion and real-life experience. They convey a relatable and universal message about love and loss. Meanwhile, the music is upbeat, clean, and refreshing – a stellar production that is simple yet powerful allowing Ella’s flawless and uniquely transparent vocals and on-point harmonies, compliments of Off The Row, to shine. Reminiscent of that popular early Taylor Swift sound, with Ella’s own fresh flair, this heartbreak song with an inspirational twist becomes a “feel-good” song that will have listeners crankin’ up the volume, singing along, getting over that old flame, and moving on. 


“When Erin McCaffrey and I wrote ‘Baby How Do I Say Goodbye,’ it was just about a breakup. But now, it’s become much more than that to me. I never imagined I’d find the courage to share my own music,” reflects Ella. “Yet, in creating this song, I’ve evolved so much and learned the importance of letting go of what held me back. In the song, it’s about a relationship, but for me, it was the relationship I had with myself. I hope the song can inspire others facing similar challenges to say goodbye to what they think they can’t get past and move forward without restraint!”


“I still remember the day we met
Standing in the rain soakin’ wet
How could I forget
You gave me your coat to keep me dry
And asked me out Friday night
Everything felt right


Friday night became every night
Said I was yours and you were mine
Felt so good, didn’t have to try
Now it feels like a lie


How do I say goodbye 
When it hurts like this
All I can do is cry
I can’t sleep at night
Wondering what went wrong
Wish I could change your mind
Why did this perfect love have to die
Oh tell me how do I
Baby, how do I say goodbye


They say 
Your first love hits you hard
When you give your all and drop your guard
You can be ripped apart


Said you loved me and I believed
But I was blind and couldn’t see
Shoulda known someday you’d leave
Leaving me to grieve




I can’t bring the words to my lovesick lips 
Knowing how bad I’ll miss your sweet kiss
And I’m stuck here stuck here, stuck in this emptiness…”


“We loved working with Ella! She is precocious and super-talented. She is also a great singer, so dedicated to her music, and she worked extremely hard preparing for this recording session! I thoroughly enjoyed co-writing ‘Baby How Do I Say Goodbye’ with Ella, it was magical! I see big things in her future and I am so excited to share this journey with her,” adds Erin McCaffrey, Off The Row Studio.


Ella is already back in the studio working on new music to be released later this year. “How Do I Say Goodbye” is the first of 4 new releases. To learn more about Ella Mckenzie, her music, and upcoming shows, visit her InstagramFacebookSpotifyTikTok, and YouTube.

Photograph Credit: Erin McCaffrey Photography



Born in Fredericksburg, Virginia, and currently residing in nearby Caroline County, Virginia, fifteen-year-old rising country/pop singer-songwriter Ella Mckenzie is a force to be reckoned with. Singing for as long as she can remember, this dynamic ninth-grader began vocal lessons at the early age of ten to help develop her voice and hone her sound. She has already recorded her first single in Nashville – something that most people only dream about.


Over the last year Ella began songwriting and teaching herself to play piano and guitar. This year has been a true growing experience for the young talent as she began putting pen to paper and learning how to turn real-life experiences and raw emotions into songs, ultimately releasing her debut single,”Baby How Do I Say Goodbye,” which she co-wrote and was named Pop Blitz Magazine’s New Music Friday pick upon release. 


Although Ella has received tremendous support for her music from family and friends, she recognizes her mother as her biggest musical champion, “she helps support and guide me through all of it – helping me to  manage my anxiety and fears. She gives me the confidence that enables me to do anything!”


Ella draws from her biggest musical inspiration, Taylor Swift, acknowledging Swift’s gift for the messages and stories she shares through the lyrics in her songs that  resonate with so many. She also recognizes that Swift is an exceptional role model utilizing her success to help others, something Ella also aspires to do. Ella’s other musical influences are diverse, crossing various musical genres. From the country music side, these influences include everyone from Carrie Underwood, Jelly Roll, Kelsea Ballerini, Leanne Womack, Rascal Flatts, Shania Twain, and Trisha Yearwood, to the pop music side – Adele, Idina Menzel, Jewel, Kelly Clarkson, Lewis Capaldi, Olivia Rodrigo, and Pink. The one common thread all of these superstars share – substance, depth, and emotion in their songs that enable them to connect with their audience.


Ella is mature beyond her fifteen years. Like many young girls, she has battled and overcome anxiety which she considers one of her biggest accomplishments and she has not let her insecurities get in the way of chasing her musical dreams. She wants to utilize her life experience, the power of her music, and any future success to help others, just as her musical heroes have done. She is off to a great start – when she is not performing or writing, Ella loves to support her favorite charity, Hope House, which is the region’s oldest and largest family homeless shelter whose mission is to break the cycle of homelessness. Off stage, Ella exhibits an exemplary work ethic and is on track to graduate from high school an entire year early. In her free time, she finds her greatest joy indulging in sweet treats from Starbucks, anything Disney-related, attending concerts, and traveling. Ella is also an accomplished and competitive swimmer but put swimming on the back burner to focus on her music.


Writing and performing allow Ella to connect with people in a way that she would otherwise not be able to. “I want people to know me as relatable and connect with me through my music,” adds Ella. “But most importantly, I want people to know that even if you’re afraid or anxious, you can do anything you dream of if you work hard and believe in yourself! It may not always be easy, and it may not be the way you expected to get there, but you can do it!” It is clear that Ella is on the path to success and is already making a difference with her music…one song at a time.