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See Your Shadow’s Michael Coleman Recalls Clairvoyant Phone Call On New Single “Missing West Virginia”

Coleman is the creative director, producer, and songwriter for the Phoenix-based chart-topping conglomerate.


“I had this line… ‘Missing West Virginia.’ I asked him why that would be significant, and his response to me was that the singer… was from West Virginia. It was really eerie.”— Michael Coleman, See Your Shadow

Have you ever had an idea pop into your head, and you couldn’t figure out why, or where it came from? Call it clairvoyance, serendipity, deja vu or ESP, but Michael Coleman of See Your Shadow Songwriting describes it as “eerie,” when telling the story behind SYS’ latest single, “Missing West Virginia.”

“Missing West Virginia’ is one of the early collaborations between myself and See Your Shadow writing partner, J. Richard Murray,’ Coleman says. “The song actually came out of a phone call I had with Daniel, my Nashville publisher at the time. As we were talking, he mentioned that he had just met a young singer and had lunch with him earlier that day. I remember after the phone call, this line and melody got stuck in my head. So, I called Daniel back, and I told him that ever since we spoke, I had this line and melody stuck in my head, and the line is ‘Missing West Virginia.’ I asked him why that would be significant, and his response to me was that the singer he just had lunch with was from West Virginia, and he mentioned at lunch how much he misses West Virginia. It was really eerie. I couldn’t ignore all the signs, so I sat down and wrote the piece, even though I myself had never been to West Virginia. I told Richard, (Murray) the story and we worked together on bringing the piece to life.”

The mid-tempo contemporary country song about reflecting on where you come from, the roots of your upbringing and how one can never truly escape from your background drops this Friday, April 22nd, 2022.

Music City Memo is proud to share “Missing West Virginia”‘s music video.   


ABOUT SEE YOUR SHADOW: See Your Shadow is the award-winning musical collaborative based out of Phoenix, Arizona. Run by songwriter and producer, Michael “The Metropolitan Cowboy” Coleman, See Your Shadow has had 5 Number 1’s on the iTunes Country Singles Chart in South Africa and was named group of the year by The International Music Association 2021. See Your Shadow has been featured in many media outlets and their work has been featured in film, television and at sporting events. See Your Shadow’s sound and focus is contemporary country, and they are known for their unique writing style as well as the top-notch quality of their productions.