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Sandra North Releases New Single “Gone”

Sandra North Presents Her New Single “Gone” Available June 17th

Sandra North returns with the first new single after her EP debut, “Long Time Coming”, last August. With the release of “Gone”, available in all stores starting June 17th, she revisits her roots in classic rock making this song a natural follow up to her successful single, “Same Story ‘Bout a Broken Heart”. “Gone” delivers a powerful ride and bears a strong message of independence and strength.

Sandra North Gone Cover Art

“From the very first moment the music came together I knew this was gonna be a special one. I’ve wanted to tell this story for many years and I hope it will convey a statement of female empowerment and self-respect. There’s strength in letting go and moving on, realizing your worth and acknowledging that you’re better off on your own. We all need an anthem to remind us of that!” 

Sandra North Publicity Photo

The artist started pursuing her singing career upon her move to Los Angeles California, in 2015. Being raised in a small town in Sweden, she was struck by country music the second she put her feet in the United States. Her debut single “Try Again”, released in 2019, and her two follow up singles “Same Story ‘Bout a Broken Heart” and “You” in 2020, all made international success on charts around Europe and Scandinavia. During the pandemic the artist kept on working closely with producer/songwriter Juan Abella to complete her debut EP, “Long Time Coming”, which was released in late summer of 2021. The hit songwriting duo is also behind this brand new single, which smoothly combines elements of modern country/pop with a touch of classic rock. “Gone” will be available June 17th.