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NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Country music singer-songwriter Sam Grow is back with another new single, “Lying In Church,” a powerful tune available now for download and stream on all platforms via Average Joes Entertainment. 


“‘Lying In Church’ represents when I was about seven or eight years old.” shares Grow. “I vividly remember waking up on Sunday mornings to my parents arguing, and then later having to go to church, pretending like it didn’t happen. As I was writing the song, I debated writing it from my mom’s or dad’s perspective. My wife suggested that I needed to be as raw and honest as possible, so I decided to write the song from my own perspective.”


“Lying In Church” delves into the complex themes of childhood innocence, religious upbringing, and personal authenticity. The self-written and self-produced single narrates the experience of feeling pressured to conform to religious expectations from a young age, even when it conflicts with his own truth. Capturing the emotional turmoil of trying to reconcile faith with personal identity, the track questions whether the consequences of lying or pretending in the name of religion are worth the spiritual and emotional toll. With its soulful delivery and reflective tone, the tune resonates with listeners navigating similar journeys of self-discovery and authenticity within the framework of faith.


Listen to “Lying In Church” above and stay tuned for more from Sam Grow coming soon. For more information on Sam Grow, visit his website and follow his social media channels linked below. 


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About Sam Grow:

After the breakout success of his first studio album, 2019’s Love and Whiskey, a lot has changed for Average Joes Entertainment star Sam Grow. That milestone project followed years of grinding work, writing his own tunes, booking his own shows, and recording his own EPs … but it was all rewarded. Love and Whiskey hit number one on iTunes’ Country Albums chart – doing so with zero radio airplay – and since then he’s only poured more gas on the fire. Grow’s 2020 single “Song About You” burned red hot, pulling in over 45 million streams and getting named one of Spotify’s “Best Country Songs” in the process. Later that year, due to the global COVID pandemic, Grow pioneered the Backyards & Bonfires Tour, where he traveled to fans’ backyards all across the country for intimate performances. In 2021, Sam released his second full-length studio album, This Town, a fan-favorite earning over 80 million streams worldwide. Following behind Grow’s 2022 album, Manchester, arrives his fifth full-length studio album, Avalon Avenue, which was mainly recorded at the iconic FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, and is now available on all digital platforms.