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Ryan Morgan Set to Release New Single “Our Summer”


Ryan Morgan Our Summer Cover Art

It’s not just any summer, this is OUR summer! Roll the windows down, kick your feet on the dash. This song is all about the endless opportunities that summer can bring. From taking a trip to Mexico to trying gumbo in New Orleans. This is our summer and we can do whatever we want.


“I wrote this song in hopes that people can build memories with a loved one or friends every summer.” Ryan says. “Our Summer” is focused around having a good time, taking trips and trying new things. Produced by Austin Moorhead, this song brings a happy vibe when driving down a backroad or sitting on a beach with a drink in your hand. Summer is a time when the sun shines and everyone is generally in a great mood. Ryan began the idea for “Our Summer” while on a trip to Siesta Key, FL. With the palm trees all around, sunny weather every day, and the wind flowing through the windows as he drove down the coast, Ryan wanted to write a song that would bring all of that together. With more plans in his future, Ryan wrote down ideas that would make for a summer to remember. “A song like ‘Our Summer’ doesn’t have to end when summer does. It doesn’t matter where you’re at, as long as the sun is shining and you’re having fun, this song is for you.”


“Our Summer” is available July 15th on all streaming platforms. Ryan hopes that this song will stick with people through the off seasons bringing back the nostalgic feeling of “Our Summer”. “I want people to get this feeling of happiness when they hear “Our Summer”. I want it to create memories and bring them back every time it comes on.”