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Rob Jones & The Restless Dream Set to Release New Single “Tired Old Town”

Song is out May 28th

“ A fine songwriter with an ear for a catchy hook as well as reflecting deeper meaning in his lyrics. The musicianship from the rest of the band is outstanding.”FATEA


“Trees” is an EP that does not put a foot wrong from beginning to end, the production captures each of the

participants perfectly and shows them off at their absolute peak, while Rob’s lyrics and vocal delivery are to be savoured.” W21 MUSIC

Following the success of last year’s four-track EP ‘Trees’, Rob Jones & The Restless Dream announced the release of three standalone singles, with their third single, Tired Old Town, out on Tuesday 28th May.


Recorded at SloeFlower Studios in Chester, Tired Old Town is a song inspired by a life spent in the post-industrial North of England. With lyrics that range cinematically from boarded-up pubs to empty hospital rooms, the song captures a side of modern England that still exists in those towns that nobody goes to. 


The first of the year’s three singles, January Man, released on January 1st 2024, told the story of a lonely, drunken New Year’s Eve in Copenhagen, in which the speaker comes to realize that he will always belong to the love he thought he had left behind.


The following second single, Wherever We Go, is a simple song about unconditional love; the sort we’d all like to find but rarely do. Written years ago, Rob struggled to find the right tempo and arrangement with a number of different producers until he finally took it to SloeFlower Studios in Chester in the autumn of 2023.


Both singles, January Man and Wherever We Go, have received plays across the BBC including BBC Radio Scotland’s Iain Anderson show as well as on BBC Radio Wales’ Celtic Heartbeat show hosted by Frank Hennessy.


Rob’s band, The Restless Dream, features a core lineup of Alan Taylor (drums), Danny Wellens (keys), Josh Cavanagh Brierley (bass) and Dan Catherall (guitar).


In addition to this, the 2024 singles have featured a host of talented guests, including Dave Ormsby (drums), Chris Hillman and Scott Poley (pedal steel), Joe Smithson (guitar), Toria Woof and Grace Kelly (backing vocals), Ross Munro (organ) and Shimna Bridget (violin).


Following his debut EP ‘Castles’ in 2022 and 2023’s EP ‘Trees’, Rob continues to showcase his ability to blend introspective lyrics with memorable melodies on the trio of singles.


The EP ‘Trees’ included the release of two singles in the summer of 2023, beginning with the unforgettable pop tune ‘Ballerina’, and the bittersweet ballad ‘Cut So Deep’. Produced by Mark Lewis of The Northern Cowboys, ‘Trees’ brims with introspective lyrics about life, love, and universal feelings of disillusionment and hope.

About Rob Jones & The Restless Dream


Rob Jones is a singer-songwriter from Manchester, England who left his job as a secondary school English teacher in 2021 in order to dedicate his life to making music.


Alongside his band, The Restless Dream, he channels Tom Petty, The Eagles, Bruce Springsteen and more into a soft-rock, Americana sound that sets the scene for his poetic lyrics about life, love and the search for meaning.

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