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PBR Partners with StatHero for PBR Pick‘Em Fantasy Game

PUEBLO, Colo. (August 10, 2023) – PBR (Professional Bull Riders) and StatHero, an innovative tech company fusing fantasy sports and machine learning, today announced an official partnership for PBR Pick‘Em, a new fantasy game that allows fans to win cash money prizes by engaging in in-event game play during PBR events.


The easy-to-play fantasy game has been approved in 33 states.


With PBR Pick’Em, fans can place money on the action versus just the outcome in a variety of matchups to play for cash.  Gamers use their knowledge of professional bull riding and skill to pick which athletes will ride the longest as well as which bulls will buck the riders off the fastest.  The number of seconds a rider stays on his bull is the player’s score.  PBR Pick’Em puts Riders vs. Riders, Riders vs. Bulls, and Bulls vs. Bulls. 


“We’re thrilled to collaborate with StatHero, a true gaming innovator, to release a fun fantasy game where every second counts and fans have the opportunity to win money,” said Josh Baker, Chief Revenue Officer, PBR.  “Following PBR’s entry into the legal betting market at the start of the 2023 Teams season, there’s now game play for everyone through traditional full-on betting, the free-to-play ‘Ride or Wreck’ game, and PBR Pick‘Em.”


“We are honored to introduce a game-changer for PBR fans: win money based on the action, not just the outcome, where every second counts and earnings come faster than ever,” said Jason Jaramillo, Chief Executive Officer, StatHero. 


Prior to its partnership with PBR, StatHero’s Sports + Division has successfully gamified PowerSlap, Formula Drift, World Surf League, and WWE.


Fans can next play PBR Pick’Em when the PBR Camping World Team Series visits the Honda Center in Anaheim, Calif. on August 12 and 13.

About StatHero

StatHero, founded in 2019, stands as the singular fusion of fantasy sports and sports gaming in today’s market, paving the way for consistent winning experiences. With its award-winning platform, StatHero has made a meteoric entrance into the gaming world, drawing players with its straightforward gameplay, minimal time investment, and notably high winning percentages. Its unprecedented gameplay style offers players an enhanced control over winning outcomes for each contest. The principle is straightforward: Defeat StatHero, and you emerge victorious.


As an innovator shaping the rapidly expanding domain of alternative sports and events, StatHero leverages advanced machine learning algorithms to instantly gamify any sport or event, a dynamic adaptability ensuring that gaming mechanisms remain fresh, engaging, and fair. This technological prowess has also positioned StatHero as a dual force in the industry, maintaining its strong consumer-facing (B2C) business, while offering gamification solutions to partners. For additional insights, visit and stay updated by following us on Instagram @stathero_official.

About PBR (Professional Bull Riders):

PBR is the world’s premier bull riding organization. More than 800 bull riders compete in more than 200 events annually across the televised PBR Unleash The Beast tour (UTB), which features the top bull riders in the world; the PBR Pendleton Whisky Velocity Tour (PWVT); the PBR Touring Pro Division (TPD); and the PBR’s international circuits in Australia, Brazil, Canada and Mexico. In 2022, PBR launched the PBR Team Series—eight teams of the world’s best bull riders competing for a new championship—as well as the PBR Challenger Series with more than 60 annual events nationwide. The organization’s digital assets include PBR RidePass on Pluto TV, which is home to Western sports. PBR is a subsidiary of Endeavor, a global sports and entertainment company. For more information, visit, or follow on Facebook at, Twitter at, and YouTube at