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Passionately Captivating Country Artist Noelle Toland Releases Her Version of a Powerful Country Ballad “It Matters To Me”

NASHVILLE, TENN. – Nashville based singer/songwriter Noelle Toland is showcasing her impressive vocal abilities while, once again, paying tribute to one of the beloved decades of country music. Releasing her version of Faith Hill’s number one hit, It Matters To Me, Noelle succeeds in offering a fresh, modern-sounding take on the classic, delivering it in a way that doesn’t take any magic away from the original version. Noelle’s cover version of Faith Hill’s It Matters To Me is available on all digital streaming platforms including SpotifyApple Music, etc. 


Noelle brings her own distinct feel to the 90’s country song while remaining true to the essence of the original. Despite her softer, stripped-down approach to the song, it effectively conveys the story with a similar level of emotion that Faith Hill used. 


“I’m so excited to release my second 90’s country music cover,” says Noelle. “I love this decade and I love the country music that came out of it. Faith Hill is one of those amazing artists and truly an icon in country music. When I was figuring out what songs to cover, this one was a no brainer.”


This hit was written by Ed Hill and Mark D. Sanders and was originally released in 1995, making it Faith’s third number one on the Billboard country charts as well as her first entry to the Hot 100. Noelle recorded her version with producer Sean Paddock (renowned musician, producer and former drummer for Kenny Chesney), and is a solid rendition that can resonate with both longtime fans of the original and those discovering it through Noelle’s version. 


Following the success of her previously released 90’s country cover Walkaway Joe, as well as her original releases and EP, Noelle continues to reach into the depths of our souls in a beautiful way. She has received critically-acclaimed praise in numerous publications, recently took part in Country Radio Seminar, been nominated for Country Evolution’s Artist to Watch, and received national and international airplay in Australia, Europe, Ireland, London, Switzerland, and the U.K. 


Noelle is scheduled to release new original music throughout the year, as well as one more 90’s country cover which will complete her 3 song 90’s cover project. She is also gearing up for more shows and performances. To stay up-to-date, visit her website and follow along with her on FacebookInstagramThreadsTikTok, and Twitter/X.

About Noelle Toland: This passionately captivating country artist modernizes and personalizes old-school country music into her own sound and niche. While many assume the genre’s audience is limited exclusively to the south, Noelle Toland, who hails from a 2,000-person vineyard town in North Plains, Oregon is proof that that simply isn’t true. As an only child, Noelle used to perform around the house for her Wheaton Terrier, Max, just dancing around and being silly. But upon joining kindergarten choir at the budding age of five, she already knew exactly where she was meant to be. She is an accomplished actress with roles in several films, movies and TV shows including a stint in Criminal Minds. She has surmounted almost 200K streams on Spotify and her music video for Sun Will Rise received critically-acclaimed praise and was immediately added to The Country Network, broadcasting to over 40 million households.