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Passionately Captivating Country Artist Noelle Toland Is Inspiring Others In New Release “Sun Will Rise”

Noelle Tolan Sun Will Rise Cover Art

NASHVILLE, TENN.— Nashville based singer/songwriter Noelle Toland is bringing the 90’s country sound that’s braided with soul and mixed with modern and classic elements in her new single Sun Will Rise. With the world premiere that aired exclusively on Clewes’ Country UK radio show, this song is now available on all digital streaming platforms, including SpotifyApple Music, and more.


Written by Noelle Toland and Chris Condon (Billy Ray Cyrus’ musical director and guitarist), Sun Will Rise is for those who feel lost. The inspiration came during quarantine at her home in LA. As everyone was trying to make sense of this new normal, Noelle channeled her feelings on the worldwide chaos and upheaval into a stunningly emotional song that is sure to inspire many for years to come. “The imagery of a sun and moon trading places kept hitting me and I had a novel realization that sadness can’t prevail forever, that there is hope, that the ‘moon will pass by, and the sun will rise’,” she says. “This song was a catharsis for me to write and it continues to be one that I now can listen to, and I’m reminded that everything will be okay. This is a love letter written to the people that put one foot in front of the other, the ones who keep on spinning.”


Sun Will Rise is from Noelle’s debut four-song EP which is set to be released later this year. The ballad perfectly showcases her polished vocals which complement the reassuring nature of the lyrics. The uplifting tune is punctuated with the slide of a pedal steel guitar and was recorded at the historic RCA Studio C in Nashville. This song follows her previously released I Want To See You Again, which features prominent musicians including Grammy award-winner and Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Steve Cropper. 


Visit Noelle Tolland at her website and follow along with her on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

About Noelle Toland: This passionately captivating country artist modernizes and personalizes old-school country music into her own sound and niche. While many assume the genre’s audience is limited exclusively to the south, Noelle Toland, who hails from a 2,000-person vineyard town in North Plains, Oregon is proof that that simply isn’t true. As an only child, Noelle used to perform around the house for her Wheaton Terrier, Max, just dancing around and being silly. But upon joining kindergarten choir at the budding age of five, she already knew exactly where she was meant to be. “As an adult now, I still feel the same excitement and joy every time I sing, and the best way I can try to describe it is just being in a state of flow. It’s like I’m in the eye of the storm, and nothing can sway me.”


By returning to her roots and revisiting the music of her youth, Noelle created the unique alchemy of her upcoming four-song EP, a blend of 90’s country and seductive soul music. This forthcoming record will capture the earthiness and electricity of classic country music with staple instruments like pedal steel and contributions from legendary musicians. “Hopefully this upcoming record, which I’ve long envisioned, inspires people to take chances, be bold, and place bets on themselves,” she explains, “because that is the only thing that has gotten me through the ups and downs.” At a time when the world is in a constant state of fear, her ease when it comes to surfing the wave of life is exactly what others need to hear.