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Orlando Mendez Unveils Emotional Single "Heart On The Line"

New Song Available for Pre-Save Here

(Nashville, Tennessee – September 5, 2023) – Orlando Mendez, the rising star with deep Cuban roots, is set to captivate hearts with his latest single, “Heart On The Line,” slated for release on September 8.


“Heart On The Line” delves deep into the universal themes of love, vulnerability, and self-discovery. The song’s lyrical prowess and Orlando’s soulful vocals come together to create an emotional landscape that resonates with listeners on a personal level. The track paints a vivid picture of a heart in turmoil, torn between love and loss, and reveals Orlando’s ability to transform raw emotions into a powerful musical experience. The new single will be available on streaming services worldwide – pre-save here.


Mendez spoke about writing the song, saying, “I composed this song during a period of deep vulnerability in my life. Stricken with heartbreak and feeling stuck in my career, my emotions were laid bare. Just as the lyrics convey, my heart was poised delicately between wholeness and brokenness, faith and hopelessness. One night, while engulfed in this frame of mind, the song surged within me and I was able to write it very quickly.”


Orlando’s unique journey from a childhood dreamer to becoming the “Cuban Cowboy” is a testament to his unwavering determination and a love for storytelling through music. Hailing from Miami, Orlando’s roots are steeped in his Cuban heritage, infusing his music with a distinctive blend of cultural richness and contemporary country sound.


With a background in acting and a stint on “The Voice” that saw him soar to the Top 20 in Season 22, Orlando’s artistic evolution has been nothing short of remarkable. His ability to command the stage with an electrifying presence is a testament to his upbringing as an entertainer and his genuine connection with audiences.


“Heart On The Line” serves as a precursor to Orlando’s forthcoming EP, Where I Am Right Now, slated for release later this year. The EP promises a collection of songs that delve deep into Orlando’s personal journey, providing a window into his experiences and emotions. His music resonates with authenticity, aiming to connect with listeners on a profound level as they navigate life’s highs and lows.


Orlando Mendez’s music is a tribute to human emotion, a reflection of life’s complexities, and an anthem for those seeking solace and connection through music. As he takes another bold step forward in his musical career, Orlando’s unwavering spirit and genuine artistry continue to inspire, reminding us that music has the power to touch hearts and transcend boundaries.


For more information on Orlando Mendez, follow him on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and Spotify.

Orlando Mendez Photograph Credit: Keeli Da Silva