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Norwegian Songwriter Herald K Delivers Promising Beginnings to His “Mythologies” Project with Opening Single “Arethusa”

Herald K Publicity Photo
Photo: © Funky Eye


On June 24th Herald K released the first single of his upcoming album ‘Mythologies’ (Lindo Records, Vienna, Austria). It steps right into a world of mythology from the get-go, relating the mysterious tale of a water nymph’s escape from an impassioned river god. A composition that conveys some of the mystery of this ancient story through exotic instrumentation (nyckelharpa) and alluring female background vocals gradually emerging into prominence. Yin & yang, temptation, and transformation are all motifs are woven into this song.


It is a collaboration between musicians coming together for the first time (Robin Gillard – bass, production, Stephan Steiner – Nyckelharpa, Jessica Slavik & Lina Louise – vocals, and Herald K – vocals, guitar, production), and that seems to have brought a special energy to the performances here. Herald K: ‘Starting out, this was quite a daunting project, collaborating with all these different people. I was worried. But I couldn’t have been happier with the result. They all brought their personalities and best performances to the recordings, and it all blended nicely together at the end. I love all the different tones one can hear on this track, from subtle background humming and basslines to the unique sound of the Nyckelharpa.’

Herald K, the Norwegian singer-songwriter based in Vienna, Austria, continues: ‘My upcoming album will consist of more myths transformed into song. You’ll get to meet some interesting characters there: A witch, a spooky ferryman, a pair of young lovers, an old wanderer. You’ll get to hear grand piano, nyckelharpa, violin, accordion, pedal-steel guitar, slide guitar, harmonica, upright bass, tin whistle, concertina. You’ll get to enjoy more duets.’ For running updates on this project, see Herald K’s Facebook page, or website:


Herald K’s next gig: Opening for Freeman Dre at the venue Musicstar, in Norderstedt, Hamburg (Germany) on July 8th.