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Monthly Music Showcase Country In Color Set for the Tin Roof Broadway on March 28th

The second event in the series spotlighting Nashville’s diverse music scene

There is a famous quote in the classic sports movie “Field of Dreams” that states, “If you build it, they will come.”  The sentiment is a bold statement that encourages anyone with a vision to follow through as the fruition is always needed by an audience. 


For monthly music showcase Country In Color, the necessity was apparent as Nashville was lacking options for non-traditional multicultural artists to gather and perform.  Instead of waiting further, Eric Byford, Organizer and Founder of Country In Color, decided to create this essential platform.  Country In Color was meticulously created to ensure that Nashville’s music scene reflects the city’s increasing awareness and celebration of cultural diversity. 


Byford states Country In Color’s mission further as, “With Country In Color, we’re not just highlighting musical talent, we’re reshaping perspectives and creating inclusive spaces for artists of all backgrounds.”


Byford believes that the inclusivity supported at Country In Color will set the standard of comprehensiveness for the music industry nationwide.  He trusts that there will be a time when every voice is heard.


Country In Color’s inaugural showcase at the Tin Roof Broadway on February 29th was a rousing success and proved that Nashville was ready for the landmark venture.  Immediately, a second showcase was scheduled at the Tin Roof Broadway on March 28th from 7 PM CT to 10 PM CT.


The event in March will be hosted by Brei Carter and DJ Top Notch.  Artists expected to perform during the night are Zeus Rebel, Justin Lee, Aaron Blake, Rudy Gonzalez, and Cowboy Calvin.  The evening of music will finish with a set from Everyday Nashville featuring two-time GRAMMY nominated Michael Applegate.


Those wanting to remain connected with Tin Roof Broadway and Country In Color can follow both on social media.  Tin Roof Broadway can be found online at and Instagram @tinroofbroadway.  Country In Color can be found on Instagram @country_in_color and Facebook @CountryInColor. 


If “Fields of Dreams” had a sequel based on Country In Color, the script would include another inspirational quote, “If you act bravely, together everyone will thrive.”