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Mark Howard Releases New Single “The Light Behind Us”

Latest Song Blends Coastal Rock and Authentic Storytelling

Melbourne, Australia – From the windswept shores of Phillip Island, a new anthem is set to shake the indie rock scene. Mark Howard, the island’s beloved troubadour, is dropping “The Light Behind Us” on Friday, 14th June 2024. This latest single is a rallying cry for those yearning to escape life’s tangled web and chase a simpler, more carefree existence. With his signature blend of indie rock, Mark weaves a narrative of hope and rebellion, his melodies crashing against the cliffs like relentless waves, raw and unrestrained.


“The Light Behind Us” is an alternative rock track taken from his forthcoming album, ‘Deep Dark Blue’ and was mixed by Dave Prideaux and mastered by Andy Stewart at The Mill. The track delves deeply into the desire for radical change and the yearning to escape life’s complexities in pursuit of a more carefree existence. More power is on display in this new number, with Mark’s signature sound comparable to the likes of The Cure, PJ Harvey and a chorus as anthemic as any offering from The Killers.


The story behind the creation of “The Light Behind Us” is almost as intriguing as the song. Mark says, “I sat down with my guitar and a bird came tapping at my window. I wrote down the first lyric and got to work. Once I had the blueprint I took it to the studio, tried a few different keys and tempos until I found a place where the song came to life“. 


Having played in 45 countries, sharing the musical stories from his soul globally, Mark Howard’s music can often be defined as “Coastal Rock kissed by the sun with the promise of a storm“, drawing from his own personal experiences of grief, struggle, and pure joy. Awards at the Edinburgh and Adelaide Fringe Festivals have been bestowed on him for his heartfelt performances. His last single, “Scarlette” made number 8 on the AMRAP charts.


Fans of Mark Howard can once again prepare themselves for that intensely deep connection that has in so many ways become his calling card. Fans from around the world have continued to connect with his music, drawn from the ocean, the wild outdoors, and the human experience.