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Luanne Hunt Delivers Heartfelt Homage to John Denver with Award-Winning Single “If You See Peace”

The chart-topping singer-songwriter releases “If You See Peace” from her latest album, “Miles & Memories.

THE VILLAGES, FL, USA, May 14, 2024 — Fresh off the heels of her chart-topping hit, “The Vice,” country music sensation Luanne Hunt is back in the saddle with her latest single, “If You See Peace.” This track has not only captured the hearts of fans but also clinched prestigious awards at the Round the Globe Film and Music Festival and the Global Film and Music Festival, USA. “If You See Peace” is a standout track on Hunt’s 24th studio album, “Miles & Memories.”


Critics and fans alike have been quick to tip their hats to “If You See Peace,” praising its profound message and melodic beauty. Clare E. Steffen, founder of the festival, remarked, “The message of ‘If You See Peace’ is a touching tribute to the ideals we hope to pass down through generations.”


Hunt, originally from Philadelphia, PA, penned this song back in 2017 for her theatrical production, “Let Us Look for Love,” which celebrated the life and tunes of the legendary John Denver. “Aside from John’s own hits, I added a couple of my own tracks to the mix. ‘If You See Peace’ resonated deeply with our audiences, echoing John’s own dreams for humanity,” Hunt shared.


The song, which received a standing ovation night after night, highlights Denver’s influence on Hunt not only as a songwriter but as a visionary aiming to steer the world toward a brighter tomorrow. “John would surely be heartbroken to see today’s world troubles, but I reckon he’d be right here with us, guitar in hand, using his music to fight the good fight,” added Hunt.


Throughout her distinguished career, Hunt has racked up an enviable list of accolades. She’s perhaps best known globally for her hit, “Christmas Without You” (a.k.a “Patsy Cline’s Lost Christmas Song”), hailed as one of the Top 25 Christmas Songs of All-Time by Sweden’s largest daily, Dagens Nyheter.


A celebrated figure in the country music scene, Hunt was inducted into the Independent Superstars Country Music Hall of Fame in 2016. She’s also a six-time winner at the American Songwriting Awards and a three-time recipient of CD of the Year from the National Traditional Country Music Association. Her songs have frequently hit No. 1 on country charts worldwide, and she’s been a contender on the Grammy ballot in both 2009 and 2020.


With “If You See Peace,” Luanne Hunt continues to blaze a trail in country music, proving that a song can indeed change the world, one heart at a time. For more information on Luanne Hunt, please visit