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Linen Ray Releases Emotive New Single “In The Fire”

inen Ray New Single “In The Fire”

Everyone has experienced a dear friend embroiled in a toxic relationship. As we look on at this painful dynamic, we feel helpless, and it’s heartbreaking. The slow-burn single “In The Fire,” the latest from Nashville-based folk-rock duo Linen Ray, speaks the truth of this unhealthy cycle. The tender but empowering country-pop song sends a powerful message of detaching with love.

“The feeling here is about looking from the outside in and trying to understand where the person is coming from and wanting to help. It’s about understanding this person is caught up in life situations that they may or may not have control over,” shares Rebekah Craft, one half of the married folk-rock duo, which also includes her husband, Gabriel Craft.

“In The Fire” is a sleekly emotive, country-pop ballad with a smoldering Fleetwood Mac style pop-rock groove and subtly explosive dynamics. The song mines an elegantly sparse feel with subtle touches like piano and lap steel guitar, courtesy of special guest Michael Harrington. It patiently unfolds into a tasteful pop-rock song with soaring hooks and heavenly harmonies. Throughout “In The Fire,” Rebekah sings with bold vulnerability, grappling with the challenge of knowing her friend’s strength but also showing concern for this person’s well-being. The verses feature hard truths with lyrics such as: When you told me how you felt betrayed, I didn’t really understand/Those wicked lies you listen to, keep hurting you. This sentiment, however, is tempered with the song’s sweetly empowering chorus. Here, Rebekah sings: You’ve always been a fighter/Dang stubborn on a mission to finish what you start/Yeah, you got a great big heart, but slow way down and think it through. Overall, “In The Fire” is a tenderly anthemic ballad that is both critical and compassionate. 

“In The Fire” was written by Gabriel and Rebekah and produced by the pair’s longtime trusted collaborator, British producer Patrick Jordan. Previously, Linen Ray has released a studio album, a live album, an EP, and a single. Up next, the duo will issue a series of singles to be followed by a full-length studio album. Select career highlights to date include performances at the Ann Arbor Ark, at Lightning 100 Nashville, at the Hard Rock Café Chicago, and at the old Randy Travis Farm in Ashland City, TN.