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Leavin’ Page Town Releases Debut Single “Ride or Die”

Emerging country music duo Leavin’ Page Town, comprised of Tony and Cindy Haedt, are proud to announce that their debut single “Ride or Die” was released on February 9th.  The tune is currently available for download on all major streaming platforms.


“Ride or Die” is a traditional country-influenced love song duet that recognizes the ability of a significant other to veer someone off a reckless or uncertain path.  The song’s central focus is on two wondering suitors who gradually realize that their meeting was more than a coincidence.  Strengthened by their bond, they vow to remain united through blissful and rocky times.


The song, co-written by Tony Haedt, Cindy Haedt, and Josh Morningstar, reflects real-life experiences.  The idea was inspired on a park bench in Nashville and developed through a collaborative process.  The result is an adoring sentiment that is the perfect backdrop for a romantic evening.  The passionate theme is entrenched through the song’s vivid lyrics such as, “Your souls a reflection of mine/You showed up in perfect time/You’re my reason why/Like a harmony you melt right in/You set me on fire/Baby, you’re my ride or die.” 


Greg Huberty Productions, the producer of the track, and four-time ACM award-winning Steel Guitarist of the Year Mike Johnson strategically placed bursts of steel guitar within the song’s melody to cement the single’s timeless atmosphere.  The track also features the duo’s trademark characteristics of electric chemistry, authentic performances, and the interplay of Cindy’s striking vocals and Tony’s heartfelt intonations.


“Ride or Die” is the next step in Leavin’ Page Town’s career.  Tony and Cindy have been the co-fronters of the country band Dram Shop Country for over a decade.  Additionally, both members of Leavin’ Page Town belong to the Texas Country Music Organization and the Midwest Country Music Organization.


Country music supporters are encouraged to follow Leavin’ Page Town on social media at, Instagram @leavinpagetown, and Facebook @leavinpagetown.