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Kirstie Kraus and Christie Huff Team Up to Release New Duet “Dab a Dolly”

New Female Empowerment Anthem Available for Streaming on March 29th

When starting a project, one is fine, but two can be divine.  There is a golden opportunity that arises through a strength in numbers.  Through the collaborative process, messages are cemented, goals are realized, camaraderie shines through, and an enduring impact is made.


Emerging country artists Kirstie Kraus and Christie Huff recognized the chance for creative alignment while sharing the stage.  Kraus’ set included a Dolly Parton cover.  After performing the song, she would state, “There’s a little dab a dolly for ya.”  Upon hearing the creative twist on the “dollop of Daisy” slogan from the Daisy sour cream commercial, Huff felt the urge to formulate those feelings into lyrics. 


Co-written by Kraus, Huff, and Joe Slyzelia and produced by Jeff Huskins of BMG Studio A, the result was the female empowerment anthem track “Dab a Dolly”.  “Dab a Dolly” is scheduled for release on March 29th and will be available for streaming on all major platforms.


“Dab a Dolly” is a radio-friendly single that both harnesses the power of female friendships and tributes the unifying spirit of iconic country artist Dolly Parton.  Written in a manner that is uplifting and encouraging, the narrative compels women to support each other and initiate a movement of cohesiveness and positivity within the music industry. 


Kraus and Huff are two artists helping country music solidify its presence as the fastest growing genre of music in Europe.  Kraus is currently on her Get Out From Under My Rock Tour, which is her debut tour in the United Kingdom.  The five-week itinerary includes stops at prestigious festivals and legendary venues.  Alongside the tour, momentum is anticipated to escalate further as a music video for “Dab a Dolly” is planned.


Country music supporters are encouraged to follow Kraus and Huff’s musical journey on their websites and


“Dab a Dolly” is proof positive that incredible things can happen, and the tides can change when you decide to pair up to face the world.