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Justin Mattock Releases Charting New Single “First Time”

Canadian country singer/songwriter Justin Mattock follows up his 2 previous singles with a powerful country ballad with sparky clean guitars and crisp vocals.

Justin Mattock

Justin Mattock comes out with a strong third pop/country single in his newest release “First Time” which debuted at No. 4 on the UK Country music iTunes charts.


After a 5 year stint in various Pop-Rock groups, he eventually found himself venturing down the solo path crafting a unique Pop-Country sound that takes in elements of all his past influences. Starting off 2022 with a refreshing light-hearted and catchy melody, Justin has curated the new sound incorporating swaying instruments and bright vocals with stacked harmonies.


Leading off with a snappy clean guitar tone and memorable vocal-hook, “First Time” starts its slow build into a simple but dynamic first verse. Pulling in elements of Country, Pop, and Alternative – each instrument is introduced in sequence. With slide guitars, percussion, drums and bass, the song flows nicely with just the right amount of tension.


Cue the hard-hitting chorus that will likely get stuck in your head for days, the blend of acoustic and electric guitars, keys, organs and slide guitars provide just the right amount of ear candy to compliment the lead vocal. The simple but effective drum beat plays the part of the backbone in the song – carrying all the instruments in this head-bobbing single.


The sad-summery vibe of this one makes it a perfect addition to one of those sunset drives by the water. With the run time being just under 3 minutes, hitting replay on this one is a must.


First Time is just the start of what will be a very strong year for the Canadian – Mattock has 2 more confirmed singles and a few trips to the studio confirmed for this year.


Listen to “First Time” for the first time below: