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Blow Our Cover

Back with a brand new single, which is set to flip the script, Josh Setterfield brings us ‘Blow Our Cover.’ If the adrenaline surrounding Josh isn’t already high, then this is about to take it higher.

Not afraid to push the boundaries at all, the trailblazing single from Josh Setterfield epitomizes the blur between country pop and gutsy stadium rock. Written and recorded in Canada by Craig Brooks, Jesse Slack (writers), Adam Newcomb (producer) and mixed in Nashville by Aaron Chmielewski (Taylor Swift, Tenille Arts), ‘Blow Our Cover’ is the perfect genre-busting hit reaching for new dimensions.

Heating things up, this steamy, sexy track tells the story of two people who shouldn’t be caught together. Sometimes deep connections and burning desires are untameable, but how far will one go to protect that?

One of the most exciting and unparalleled country music entertainers. Josh Setterfield is bringing an exceptional live show which is becoming the talk of the town, combined with a fresh sound impressing tastemakers globally. Since the groundbreaking single ‘Right About Now, which has accrued over 1 million streams, Josh has jumped from strength to strength. Supported by a loyal and fast-growing fan base, back-to-back #1’s on CMT, global playlisting, and high rotation radio play nationally and internationally.

Josh Setterfield is one to watch. The past twelve months have seen him on the road touring and supporting a number of profile acts, as well as delivering favorable high-energy performances at festivals around the country. If you haven’t heard the name, then you’re about to.