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Joe Stamm Band Releases New Single “Wild Man”

Joe Stamm Band is proud to announce the release of their new single “Wild Man”.  “Wild Man” serves as the title track for their upcoming third full-length album.  The single is available for download on all major streaming platforms and by clicking the Spotify link provided below.


Since the band’s formation in 2013, Joe Stamm Band have perfected mixing distant storytelling with their trademark Black Dirt Country Rock sound.  Joe Stamm defines their sound as “a nod to our Midwestern roots, as well as the Red Dirt music scene, which has had a big influence on our music.”  “Wild Man” is the latest installment within their unique sonic landscape.


From humble beginnings playing middle-of-nowhere bars to ascending to being named Peacemaker Fest’s 2023 “Emerging Artist of the Year”, Joe Stamm Band’s journey has built their characteristic grit, rough-edged outlaw spirit, and stage presence.  Along the way, they have supported numerous industry-leading artists including Chris Knight, Shane Smith and the Saints, Tyler Childers, Whiskey Myers, and Charles Wesley Godwin.  This gruff attitude forged from their early days is prevalent in their upcoming EP “Fort Smith” which was produced in partnership with the Peacemaker Fest.  In addition, this coarse energy is displayed in their live performances.


Recording and production for Joe Stamm Band’s forthcoming album was established at Treasure Isle Studios in Nashville.  Once arrived at the studio, they aimed to place thought-provoking stories to a country-rock melody.  Combining elements of Americana to the decidedly genre-blending mix immediately allowed this focus to take shape.  Listeners will easily identify the classic-rock-inspired riffs from Dave Glover’s lead guitar in “Wild Man”.  Accompanying the riffs are Bruce Moser’s complementary bass lines and Tim Kramp’s accentuated drum performances.  Tying the comprehensive sounds together are the larger-than-life vocals of Joe Stamm.


The album’s first track is “Wild Man”.  “Wild Man” takes inspiration from a man referenced in the New Testament whose demons Jesus casts out and into the pigs feeding nearby.  The lyrics “Where to men meet with chaos in their eyes…Where the owl flies hunting for the snake, the wild man gives me back my name,” prompts listeners to question, which of the two men is the wild one?


Throughout the album, a wide assortment of emotions is openly and acutely explored and analyzed.  Nostalgia, curiosity, hurt, hope, and acceptance are all touched on as the songs filter what is remembered now versus what is dealt with later.  To add to the emotional resonance, Joe’s lyrics places an emphasis on the nuance within feelings, memories, and dreams.  Joe Stamm Band’s genre-fusing and concentrated approach provides a key takeaway that the little, everyday choices made create a patchwork of life.


Joe Stamm Band’s “Fort Worth” EP is scheduled to be released in July 2023.  The band’s full-length album “Wild Man” is set to be distributed in August 2023.


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Joe Stamm Band is touring across the United States.  Be sure to check their website for a complete list of their upcoming tour dates.


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