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Introducing Country Singer Jamie Meyer

Jamie Meyer is proud to announce the upcoming release of his new single “Wait to Wake Up”.  “Wait to Wake Up” is a fresh pop-country song centered on the desire to wake to a new world.  Produced by Lasse L. Jacobs and Elton Charles, the track strives to be a feel-good anthem.  While rooted in the country genre, the producers made it a priority to also appeal to rock fans and guitar lovers.


“Wait to Wake Up” is scheduled to be released on May 19th and will be available on all major streaming platforms.


Jamie knows a thing or two about feel-good stories as his own musical journey is nothing short of inspirational.  Jamie is a native of Sweden, who began dreaming of gracing the stages of Nashville after running across Lady A’s tour poster.  Lady A was booked for a Scandinavian tour, with their first stop In Jamie’s hometown of Gothenburg, Sweden.  Emboldened by Lady A coming to town, Jamie mailed one of his CD’s to the trio’s Swedish promoter.  The courageous move paid off as six months later Jamie and his band opened for Lady A in Gothenburg.  Lady A and their crew were impressed with their talented opener and encouraged Jamie to take his first trip to Nashville.


When arriving in Nashville, Jamie set his sights on performing and building his network.  Time was of the essence and Jamie had to move quickly as he had to return to Sweden in a couple of weeks.  While exploring the city, he stepped into the Bluebird Café.  With dreams of earning a spot at the iconic venue, Jamie mailed his latest album “Good Night to Be Young” to the venue’s booker.  Jamie’s music impressed the venue’s booker, and he received an invitation to play an hour set during the Bluebird Café’s Sunday Spotlight.


While on the surface Jamie appeared to be an overnight success, each achievement came with a unique set of sacrifices.  Being a foreigner meant that he would have to travel back and forth from Sweden to Nashville.  Thus, Jamie had to concentrate his focus as he had less time to forge business relationships than local artists. 


One of his earliest and most influential key bonds is Jimmy Mattingly, Garth Brook’s renowned fiddle player.  Prior to his Nashville trip, Jamie had met Jimmy in Los Angeles.  During the conversation, Jimmy promised that he would perform with Jamie when he arrived in Nashville.  In the progressing years, Jimmy easily fulfilled that promise.


In 2017, Jamie’s longtime Sweden-based producer Håkan Mjörnheim teamed up with Jimmy Mattingly and Johnny Garcia to produce Jamie’s first Nashville EP “Miss This Town”.  The EP gained traction and soon the industry noticed Jamie.  Jamie went from being told that he would never be signed because he was not from Alabama to having the music video for his single “Nothin’ On You” chart on Taste of Country for over ten weeks.  He was also invited to play on NBC’s Today in Nashville.  Meanwhile, Jamie continued to write new music and perform live.


Jamie’s musical journey reached a new level when he signed his first publishing deal.  The journey to the deal began with Karl Braun.  Karl is a well-known Nashville-based entertainment lawyer with a wealth of industry experience.  Jamie met Karl in 2016 and since then they have followed one rule, friends first and business partners second.


Under Karl’s guidance, Jamie met with numerous Music Row publishers.  Although most of the meetings were cordial, the overall reception was lukewarm.  Most of the publishers were unable to connect with Jamie marketing himself as a new “Swedish country artist”. 


After a string of meetings that yielded few results, Jamie decided to take a different approach.  Jamie would promote his show, invite publishers, and while performing, educate them on what it meant to be a “Swedish country artist”.  Jamie proceeded to book a 4 PM show at Bobby’s Idle Hour.  To entice publishers, he toned down the marketing.  This method included purposely designing a homemade aesthetic to the show’s flyers. 


On the day of the afternoon show, five music publishers attended, including publisher Dan Hodges.  Dan Hodges is known for being the catalyst to Luke Bryan’s career.  Dan responded well to Jamie’s show and offered to represent him on the spot.


Jamie continues to travel between Nashville and Sweden.  Jamie’s team has expanded to include manager Lisa Sprague along with Håkan Mjörnheim, Karl Braun, and Jimmy Mattingly.  In addition, he has adopted a mission to inspire others and make the best possible memories. 


Prior to his upcoming release, in December 2020, Jamie released his album “All the Right Lanes, Vol. 1”.  The album was a collaboration between Håkan Mjörnheim and his Nashville-based team. 


Jamie is eager to further his musical journey and achieve new heights with the release of his single “Wait to Wake Up”.


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Facebook: @jamiemeyermusic

Instagram: @jamiemeyermusic

Twitter: @JamieMeyerMusic

YouTube: @jamiemeyerartist

Photograph Credit: Suzanne Zell
Photograph Credit: Dylan Taylor