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If You Wanted To

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (August 5, 2022) – Twin country duo, Hobbs Sisters, release their newest smash single, “If You Wanted To,” that is sure to be the number one song on any August favorites playlist this month. Lauren and Hannah’s seamless harmony shines in this powerful track that tells the familiar story of questioning the status of a relationship. With a stand-out storyline, the twins put their foot down by agreeing to never put up with indecisiveness from a significant other. Moral of the story: If he really wanted to, he would. Listen to the song here


 You shouldn’t have to talk yourself into it no

 I see you looking my way 

 So say what you wanna say 

 We both know you should

 If you wanted to- you would 


 Pittsburgh natives and twin sisters Lauren and Hannah are experiencing different stages of life with one sister getting married this Winter and the other enjoying the dating life. This song reveals a new side to the duo with powerful vocals and confident beats. Through this song, the sisters share the advice to never waste time on someone who is afraid of commitment. 


 “We wrote ‘If You Wanted To’ with our producer, Forest Whitehead, and it’s all about knowing what you want and not wasting your time on someone who won’t commit. We’re so excited to share this song with everyone!” said the Hobbs Sisters.


 About Hobbs Sisters

 The Hobbs Sisters are a modern country duo that brings a combination of big voices, twin sister harmonies and high energy performances to the stage. They are based out of Nashville, Tenn. and continue to build their fan base by performing at various fairs, festivals and venues. They have opened for national acts such as Lady A, Charlie Daniels and Brett Eldredge. Growing up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, The Hobbs Sisters, Hannah and Lauren, were always singing. They credit both their grandfather, Pappaw John, and the church choir for getting them into music. It was their grandfather who first exposed them to country music and playing the guitar. They began performing as a duo in the Pittsburgh area, as well as in Winston Salem, N.C., where they graduated from Wake Forest University. From their harmony-driven original songs to their unique interpretations of country covers, The Hobbs Sisters are making a name for themselves as singers, songwriters, and entertainers. For more information, visit