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GHOST OF YOU - DOVE TIES - Released: February 25th 2022

Dove Ties forthcoming single “GHOST OF YOU” will be released worldwide February 25th. This is a heartbreaking ballad about lost love, regret & loneliness. Produced by Patrick Jordan & co-written with Donna Marie (Songs). Everything was recorded & written ‘remotely’, using instant messaging to send ideas & files. Patrick & Donna still haven’t even met but have managed to create a full album together later this year. They share lead vocals, accompanied by a powerful musical arrangement of guitars, drums and keyboards topped off with lush backing vocals.

Ghost Of You

“GHOST OF YOU is a more down-tempo song than the previous releases from Dove Ties. Stylistically it is a love song about heartbreak, full of Blues swagger, soulful vocals and ‘all the feels.” @Climbing Mountain Records

“It’s exceptional! The vocal prowess of Patrick & Donna is second to none, What a song!” @Voice of a woman

WOW how good is that! Donna’s voice is absolutely souring & Patrick’s got that really lovely bluesy, soul to his voice and that guitar WOW!!!” @ARCRADIO

“We absolutely love this new track from accomplished British artists Donna Marie & Patrick Jordan” @UK Country News

About the song – Writing “GHOST OF YOU”

Donna says “Patrick actually suggested a love song/ballad theme of sorts to complement everything we had released and worked on together so far, something soulful I love Alison Krause and one of my favourite songs of hers is Ghost in this house, which is what sparked the idea, but I had imagined a slightly different story with a twist. I had taken lead vocals on a few songs from the album and wanted Patrick to showcase how great his vocals are, so I wrote the verses from that point of view. I usually record all of the vocal parts as a guide and send notes on where to arrange them so that Patrick can add his own vocal parts in his own style. Sometimes I receive notes from Patrick as well, usually if any further backing vocals are required or any adjustments but that is very rare. It’s such an easy process working together. Patrick is a fantastic producer and musician, and he fully understands arrangements and styles.” 

Patrick says “I had some ideas for how I would like a track to sound so I sat down and recorded some drums and guitars and bass. It had a really cool feel to it, but I wasn’t really sure where to take it from there. Donna picked it up and ran with it. It is one the best things about working with someone else, they hear something in your ideas and can take it somewhere you probably wouldn’t have thought of going to. That is what happened with Ghost of You and our last track Light it up

About Dove Ties

Donna Marie is a singer-songwriter hailing from the North-West of England. Her songwriting style mixes musical genres that have inspired her as a musician. Deeply routed in ‘story telling’ and strong melodies. Donna is also a musician and vocalist as part of ‘Dominic Halpin & The Hurricanes’ for the hit theatre show ‘A COUNTRY NIGHT IN NASHVILLE’ playing across the UK in some of the most prestigious venues.

Patrick Jordan Following years of writing, recording and producing material for other artists and bands around the UK, Patrick Jordan began writing and recording his own material in 2017. Straddling indie-rock, blues and alt-country, Patrick has released two albums and four EPs, has had Spotify editorial playlisting, BBC airplay and TV syncs and is currently working on his third album alongside his collaboration with Donna Marie and DOVE TIES.