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NASHVILLE, TN (June 21, 2024) – Singer-songwriter Gabrielle Mooney celebrates the joys of being a woman in love on her latest single “Feminine,” out now at all streaming outlets.  STREAM HERE

The slow burning ballad about the joys of embracing your feminine side in just the right relationship with a strong man who helps bring that side out in you is the latest single from the feisty, creative songwriter who recently married the love of her life in her hometown in Arkansas. Being newly married no doubt inspired the track, which captures the magic that a good relationship can create when two people really love each other in all the right ways. Describing her journey from polly pocket dreams as a little girl to the dreamy teenage years and then the broken-hearted era, Mooney taps into emotions women can all relate to as they navigate the dating world and try to find a real man who will treasure their heart. For Mooney, the song is an expression of how safe and connected she feels after years of searching for that right one, and how it’s OK to give in to that softer side and let your guard down and not be so tough all the time.   

I wrote “Feminine” with a couple of amazing people about my now husband, Graylan,” says Mooney. “Our relationship was a new experience for me. He loves me in a way that allows me to put down my guard and be fully “in” with no hesitation. For me, being in my feminine energy is all about feeling like my heart is protected and safe. It’s not about a man “allowing” a woman to do what she wants to do. It’s about feeling safe enough to let that soft side out. A lot of times us girls have to take on a harder exterior to protect our interior (our heart). I’m in a phase in my life where I want to write songs, garden, be on the farm, and live simply. This song is my expression of that. I feel safe, loved, and wanted. It’s ok to want that security. 

Mooney penned the new song, which was produced by Lukas Scott, with Hannah Trager and Ryan Taylor Rasmussen.

Mooney has been writing songs for years, even co-writing the Walker Hayes single “90’s Country,” and has remained close to her famous brother, Shay Mooney (Dan + Shay), throughout the years as they both pursued their musical careers. She credits him with encouraging her to follow her dreams to Nashville and inspiring her growing love for country music and appreciation for their shared country roots. Mooney took a winding path to get back to those roots though, first singing with the family band on Sundays when she was growing up, and later as a teen smuggling records from My Chemical Romance, Hinder, and Sick Puppies into the house and joining a Southern Rock band traveling the Southeast. Following college in Pittsburgh, she and Shay landed in Nashville and she began exploring her influences in songs like “90’s Country,” “Come On In,” her Country music debut, and her heartfelt follow-up “Pray For You”. The hardworking singer is stepping into a spotlight of her own these days, writing and recording new music, and setting herself apart, securing a bright looking future.