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Josh Ross On A Different Night Cover Art

On Friday, fast-rising country singer-songwriter Josh Ross shares his latest track, “On A Different Night,” via Universal Music Canada, the country’s leading music company.  


A bustling, warm, and yet seemingly nostalgic track, “On A Different Night” is a heartfelt display of romantic longing and temptation fully realized through Josh Ross’s soaring vocals and emotive lyrics. Carrying the building array of country-rock-infused instrumentals, Josh’s vocal delivery in lines like “Cause’ part of me is still sitting with you in a back corner booth on a different night” exudes the nostalgia that comes from looking back on those moments and conversations that left a mark in one’s life. Evoking pure bliss and romantic nostalgia, “On A Different Night” blends the pop-rock-inspired sonic elements of the 1980s with the lyrical deliveries and vocal tones of modern country-pop. Further redefining what country music can be in the 21st century, Josh Ross showcases that through energetic vocals, introspective storylines, and emotional honesty – a mix of pure, raw feeling accompanied by hooking lines and soaring vocals. 


“‘On A Different Night’ is a personal track,” shares Josh Ross. “I wrote the song about going out places with an ex-girlfriend and how difficult it was to revisit them without her and to have fun knowing that we used to share those moments. I wanted listeners that may have gone through a similar situation to relate and connect with the lyrics while giving the energy and momentum to uplift the song.” 

“On A Different Night” arrives as the follow-up to Josh Ross’ chart-topping cathartic ballad on romantic losses, “First Taste Of Gone.” The independently released track garnered stellar traction across North America for the Nashville-based singer. Capturing attention across the US with placement on Spotify’s top country playlists like New Boots, Next From Nashville, and Breakout Country, “First Taste of Gone” proves the rising Nashville star’s emerging presence in country music. It currently sits at #8 on Country Radio in the singer’s home country Canada, scooped the #1 country spot on Spotify Canada’s Viral 50 Chart along with others, and hit Apple Music’s Canada’s Country playlist as the cover artist. Ross continues to carve out his place in Country music across the nation with chart-topping music releases and performances at Nashville showcases and in Toronto, including his latest performance opening for Parker McCollum. 


Often writing from personal experiences, Josh Ross has delivered versatile lyrics throughout his collection of songs. Including the summertime anthem “Tall Boys,” which has amassed over 2.9 million streams, his ode to his life in Nashville, “Do What You Love,” and more. Garnering over 13 million global streams, the recent SiriusXM Top of the Country Top 3 finalist continues to mold his firsthand experiences into engaging, hit-making storylines while impacting an international music stage. 


Echoing the primary themes of country in his pop-rock-infused way, Josh Ross’s take on love, work, and play is often documented through his whirlwind experiences. From moving to Nashville on the night of a tornado, leaving only a month later when a global pandemic arrived, to developing an ever-evolving career amidst the drawbacks of injuries, lockdowns, and conflicting relationships, Josh Ross is a country artist bound by the act of forging past and overcoming restraints.

In early 2022, Josh pushed even further in his career with his major label signing to Universal Music Canada, the country’s leading music company, and The Core Entertainment, the management company specializing in discovering and championing new talent in music. He joined the team as the second artist signed to UMC’s joint venture with The Core, a partnership designed to offer Canadian artists a collaborative and integrated approach to releasing music worldwide. With management services from The Core and a recorded music agreement with Universal, stay tuned for much more from Josh Ross as he continues anchoring himself as one of 2022’s most promising Country artists.