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Erin Duvall Releases New Music Video for Her Single “One by One”

Music Video is a Narrative of Love and Resilience Through the Lens of a Single Mother

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Rising country singer-songwriter Erin Duvall captivates audiences in her new music video, “One by One,” the title track from her latest album capturing the complexities and emotional highs and lows of being a single mother of four. Relationships shaping lives and the issues that challenge us: Erin delivers a powerful narrative of love, redemption, and self-discovery, painting a vivid picture of the turmoil and resilience. From the fragments of a broken home to the gradual reconstruction of inner strength, she explores the depths of heartache while embracing the transformative power of renewal. 


Watch “One by One”‘s music video


Breakers shut off

like an abandoned house

Crushed my faith in love with all of these doubts

Woke me up from a state of numb

And turned on my breakers one by one


Set against the backdrop of a once-ruined house, the video follows Erin as she navigates through the shattered remnants of her past. Erin says, “Life comes with its ups and downs and the strength you must find to rise from the ashes when it all goes up in smoke. It’s what either breaks you or defines you. The title track of my album was the creative arc for the entire project, and I am thrilled to share this visual representation of what “One by One” means to me. Transforming from a broken-down house to gradually rebuilding each room within yourself, you emerge as a much stronger and more beautiful version than you were before.”


Whether you’re looking for a powerful ballad or a cathartic release with a hard-hitting verse, there is a song about relationships that speaks to your heart and soul, and that’s what Erin does with “One by One” with its driving beat, catchy chorus, and moving delivery. 


Erin adds, “One by One” puts into perspective aspects of life that were not defined by our connections with others and highlights the power of finding yourself again amidst the whirlwind. If you put in the work and truly rediscover who you are, you will slowly rebuild something much better than what was there before.” 


Directed by Zac Adams of Sky Dive Films, Erin continues to reemerge as an artist, collaborating with industry veteran Terry and Simeon Baker, who are award-winning musicians touring with Kirk Franklin and Bishop T.D. Jakes creates a distinctive blend of country, gospel, and rock ‘n’ roll. 


As a full-time single mother, a singer-songwriter, an entrepreneur, and the founder of a foundation that benefits single parents, Twice the Love Foundation, Erin and her music lead with the power of passion and storytelling.


For more information and to connect with Erin Duvall follow her on WebsiteInstagramFacebookYouTubeSpotify, and Twitter.

About Erin Duvall


There are many roles women play on a daily basis, creating a need for several different faces that each resemble the role authentically. Erin Duvall’s intention is to show you all of her roles and “faces” via her successful mediums of Music, Motherhood and Entrepreneurship. Collectively – “The Three Faces of Erin”. She aims to have you unmask your “faces”, embrace your roles and find what inspires you. 


The Texas-born singer-songwriter, Erin Duvall, was raised on a foundation of country, blues, gospel, and rock ‘n’ roll. Erin’s unique approach to music has drawn comparisons to singers like Janis Joplin, Natalie Maines, and Susan Tedeschi. As the fourth of five children in her family, Erin learned to advocate for herself and what she wanted at an early age, which was to always perform. By delivering raspy country vocals, Erin sets herself apart from other women in today’s country music scene. She belts, teases, and soars into listeners’ ears with her roadhouse bluesy tunes and the sultry sounds of her vocals.


Erin’s debut album, Out of Focus, was recorded in 2010 with producer and songwriter Rob Giles. Rob Giles is a singer-songwriter known for his solo work, along with working with Andy Summers of the Police and the band The Rescues. 


Taking a pause to become a mother to four beautiful children and, as a single mother, she knows the importance of hard work and following your dreams. Currently, Erin is working with Terry and Simeon Baker of Baker Brothers Music. With over 30 years of experience, they have worked with Michael McDonald, Aretha Franklin, Kirk Franklin, Patty Austin, Wayne Newton, and Bishop TD Jakes, to name a few. Together they are working to perfectly blend country, gospel, and rock ‘n’ roll into one sound, showcasing the music that was rooted in Erin’s upbringing.


The story of Erin Duvall has taken her around the sun twice and led her back to her passion for music time and time again. As a mompreneur, Erin is the creator and founder of the children’s animated character Aunty E, who teaches children about all types of music. The exciting animated world of Aunty E started in 2006 with producer Billy Henry. Billy has worked with prominent acts like The Chicks, Courtyard Hounds, Fleetwood Mac, and Shakira.The project is very near and dear to Erin’s heart, and she is excited to share the progress with all of you as she revamps it. Aunty E now features over twenty characters, a book series, and an album.


As an influential philanthropist, Erin Duvall and her sister, Molly Duvall Thomas, founded a multimedia brand known as Sisters of Red. Sharing their love of fashion, design, travel, and all things real and beautiful, Sisters of Red started in 2017 as a creative outlet to share their inspiration. As a sister-duo, the two share a passion for giving to help make a difference in the lives of others. 


“I have grown up with two very strong examples of family first, hard work and giving back. So now, as a single mother of four, I feel very strongly to leave a legacy behind for my children that makes them proud,” says Duvall. With the passion that burns inside Erin Duvall, she will excel in all aspects of her career, especially in an ever-increasing world of burn-outs and flashes that dispense as quickly as the wick is lit. 

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