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Eleyet McConnell Releases Their Latest Single “Surrender”

The husband-and-wife duo from Urbana, OH releases a very personal ode to faith and overcoming struggles on 2nd single from their debut album, “Crazy World.” It’s the follow-up to their Top 30 UK iTunes single, “Gettin’ By.”

URBANA, OH – January 2, 2024 -In a world filled with cookie-cutter music and formulaic lyrics, Eleyet McConnell stands out as a refreshing, genre-defying force. Comprising two distinct talents and creative minds, this dynamic duo is rewriting the rules of music expression with their unique fusion of raw emotion, introspection, and unapologetic originality. And now, they are back with their highly anticipated new single, “Surrender,” the second release from their debut album, “Crazy World.”


“Surrender” is a powerful and emotionally charged track, written by lead singer Angie McConnell, Rick Schutte and JD Harris. Drawing upon her own personal experiences and struggles, Angie delivers a moving and honest performance that will resonate with listeners of all backgrounds. The track’s message of turning to faith and finding strength in surrender is both relatable and inspirational, making it a standout on their debut album.

Angie says, “For me, it’s my give it to God song, but I feel like people could relate to it in different ways. It’s one of the songs I’ve written that hit me all at once and fast. I couldn’t write the words down quickly enough and they just kept coming. It was like I was given a message. I had gone through some really hard stuff a few years back and one day I finally had to just say…’God….I can’t do this. I need help.’ It made my mom all emotional, given that she has always been a faithful Pentecostal woman. I think she was relieved that my childhood wasn’t lost.. Ha!”


The release of “Surrender” follows the success of their first single, “Gettin’ By,” which hit the top 30 on the UK iTunes Rock songs chart. Their music has been praised for its powerful storytelling and evocative lyrics that speak to the shared human experience.


Angie and Chris McConnell’s musical chemistry is evident in every note they play. Their powerful vocals, heartfelt lyrics, and dynamic stage presence create an immersive experience that transports audiences to another dimension.