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Debut Country Album “Looks Country To Me” Released By Rising UK Artist Luke Flear

Luke Flear Looks Country To Me Cover Art

Future BCMA Entertainer of the Year!

From rich, raspy vocals and roaring guitar solos to acoustic deep cuts and piano ballads, Luke Flear is classic country with a modern unique twist. Born in Leeds, England and raised surrounded by his family’s love for music, Luke picked up the drumsticks before he could even talk, and countless instruments followed until he could take his music to the stage. Since 15 years old, Luke has been consistently performing across Europe as a solo artist, and recently made his move into the UK Country Music Scene. Through the purity in his songwriting, his instrumental virtuosity and his natural love for the stage, Flear is among many others bound to change the UK’s relationship with the genre. Every instrument you hear on record is played by the 20 year old himself, with Luke’s debut album exploring countless themes of ambition, addiction, love and hate in true Americana style. Pen in hand and a stage to take to, Luke is the newest face to take on the challenge of conquering country music in the UK.


My first endeavour into country music, and my first official album release.

Learn more about each track below


Looks Country To Me” is the title track of the album and acknowledges Luke’s English Roots, and explores finding and identifying with country music. 


Alive” is the suited follow up to “Looks Country”, a banjo heavy tune that talks of the drive to hit the road and take the world on, resisting the easy life, no matter how tempting or peaceful it may seem.


Tassels and Flares” is a simple “rock n roll” country tune about the clothing choice of your better half, to put it simply! The song swings its way through catchy melodies and outrageous lyrics, making it a stand out and pretty typical country rock tune on the album. 


Left my heart at home” is a traditional acoustic country song about travelling the world to chase your dreams, but feeling the heavy conflict of missing home, the place you have always belonged. You know to achieve what you want you have to push yourself, but can’t help but acknowledge that the success always seemed easier to conquer from the comfort of your home.


Cross the line” is the first song written for the album- as much of a tribute to classic country music as it is a story in itself. A safe, smooth tune that grooves its way through constant hidden references to its influences whilst exploring the idea of the flirty early stages of a relationship. “Walk the line”, “Somebody like you” and “Tennessee whiskey” are three of the many songs snuck into the lyrical storyline.


Red vodka” is the deepest, rawest cut on the album. The song explores themes of addiction and self-control, which offers up the question on what “Red Vodka” actually means and represents. What starts as a slow piano ballad becomes a heavy driving cry of help, and the heaviest statement on the album.


Young” – the sister song to “Alive”.  Young is a more specific description of life as a performer wanting to make it in the industry. Facing the very typical struggles that come, but only as a consequence of the decision you make as a 17-year-old with a dream. Told through the noise of a heavy drum beat, slick guitars and intricate banjo licks.


These 3 chords” is a slow, acoustic Americana styled ballad- a songwriter’s song, written from the very autobiographical view of piecing together music for the world to hear, and the struggle to be heard.


November night” is the raciest song on the album. November Night begins with a slowly built acoustic introduction, before leading into a fast paced, stop-start style of a composition, definitely the most sensual and subtle lyrically.


Today ain’t the day” is a more funky, slow groove of a song that explores the themes of knowing when is best to confront relationship issues, and when is best to drown your sorrows. Through typical country like metaphors, this power ballad sits nicely leading into the end of the album. 


Something To Say” is the softest, slowest and most romance-based song on the album. A descending acoustic guitar sequence begins the track, with raw and delicate vocals which eventually rise to a memorable falsetto melody throughout the chorus, with the final note on the album ending with just banjo and vocals.


Red vodka unplugged (bonus track). A completely stripped down, live version of Red Vodka.