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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (June 17, 2021) – Country hitmaker David Nail released his anticipated new single, “Sunset Carousel” today! This new release will transport listeners straight to the nearest body of water with something cold in their hands. For the past few years, David has been on a creative journey releasing more personal, singer/songwriter music and connecting to his fans in a different way. With this release, fans will be reminded of the David Nail they fell in love with during his “Nights on Fire” and ‘Red Light” era but with a more modern sound. Listen to the new track here!: 

Nail says, “from the earliest part of this song’s creation, I have felt its potential. This is as excited as I’ve been about a song since ‘Night’s On Fire.’ There was something special in the room that day when Grant Vogel, Robyn Collins and I wrote it, something that I’ve felt continue to grow with each session. This is just the beginning!”

We’d go down to the water
And drink straight from the bottle
The waves rolled in and we were just setting sail
We rode around all summer
We knew the end was coming
At least we’d have a hell of a story to tell from that Sunset Carousel

The Missouri native has been on the road for over a decade playing his one-of-a-kind, intimate and captivating shows. Catch him on tour through the rest of the year with dates from New York to California. Please visit for tickets and more info.

David Nail Tour Dates:
June 17 – Sarasota, Fla. – Joyland
June 18 – Vero Beach, Fla. – Filthy’s Fine Cocktails & Beer
July 5 – Nashville, Tenn. – Grand Ole Opry
July 7 – Tucson,  Ariz. –  Whiskey Roads
July 8 – Las Vegas, Nev. – Stoney’s Rockin Country
July 9 – Paso Robles, Calif. – BarrelHouse Brewing Co.
July 11 – San Martin, Calif. – Clos LaChance Winery
July 15 – Bloomington, Ill. – Castle Theatre
July 16 – Kimberly, Wis. – Paperfest
Aug. 3 – Wellsville, Utah – American West Heritage Center
Aug. 27 – Walker, Minn. – Northern Lights Casino
Sept. 9 – Springfield, Ill. – Boondocks
Sept. 10 – Chesterfield, Mo. – Freedom Jam
Sept. 16 – Denver, Colo. – Grizzly Rose
More dates to be announced…

About David Nail
Hailing from Kennett, Missouri, David Nail is well-respected up and down Music Row. The GRAMMY-nominated multi-platinum singer/songwriter’s early releases, I’m About To Come Alive, The Sound Of A Million Dreams, I’m A Fire and Fighter, ignited his reputation as an innovator and creative risk-taker yet left Nail feeling restless. Through dealing with his own journey of mental illness and the feeling of needing to “rebel against what people expect you to be,” Nail began making his most “organic” work to date, David Nail & The Well Ravens, with Jason Hall and Andrew Petroff. That project liberated Nail and propelled him into his next adventure. Writing solo for the next few months led to his debut solo independent EP Oh, Mother, a reflective piece of work. That release was followed by Bootheel 2020, a project dedicated to the singer/songwriter’s hometown in the “bootheel” of Missouri. Nail plans on releasing more music throughout 2021, leaving behind any self-imposed restrictions. In Nail’s own words, “My philosophy has always been, I just hope to have a good enough year that I can have a next year while staying as true to myself as I possibly can.” Find more at