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New Single, One Of The Good Ones Now At Texas Country Radio

(Nashville, Tenn. – May 9, 2022) ­– Critically-acclaimed Texas musician Jaret Ray Reddick’s debut country album, Just Woke Up (Brando Records/Que-So Records), is now available worldwide (here). Just Woke Up is a sincere love letter to Texas and pays homage to the greats before him while giving a refreshing, unique spin on the genre, with one example being his single “One Of The Good Ones,” which blends elements of both country and rock. Written by Reddick alongside Zac Maloy, the track is now at Texas Country Radio and is currently climbing the charts.

Reddick spoke about the album, saying, “Making this album is a long time coming for me. And part of all of that was being able to write songs from the heart and not hold back. ‘One Of The Good Ones’ is a song written with a few folks in mind and how much they mean to me. Friends are rampant in life. But, sometimes, we are lucky enough to find those folks that not only make us better people but can also soften the blows that take the wind out of us.” 

Jaret Ray Reddick might be a name you recognize, but his voice is one that pretty much everyone will know, whether it is from being the singer of pop-punk pioneers Bowling for Soup with hits like “1985,” “Girl All The Bad Guys,” or “High School Never Ends,” to voicing Chuck E Cheese or singing the theme to Disney’s long-running hit series Phineas and Ferb.

Born in Grapevine and raised in Wichita Falls, Texas, Reddick’s country roots run deep as his pride for the Lone Star State. His parents were Country music fans, and Willie, Waylon, and other classic country artists were on regular rotation at home. Music from fellow Texan The Red Headed Stranger and his outlaw friends would prove vital in his development as a musician and remain a crucial rock throughout his career.

Those familiar with his work as the frontman of Grammy-nominated pop-punk band Bowling for Soup will find a familiar voice and sense of humor in the music and lyrics. The album features some special guests, most notably one of Reddick’s favorite musicians and good friend Frank Turner, who lends his vocals on “Drunk as It Takes.” There’s also a cameo by Uncle Kracker on the album opener “Way More Country,” Descendents guitarist Stephen Egerton performs on “Natalie,” and Cody Canada of The Departed appears on “You and Beer.”

Other highlights include the home state anthem “Songs About Texas,” the family tribute “Royal Family,” and “One of the Good Ones.” There are also country re-workings of two of Bowling for Soup’s most popular songs, “Ohio (Come Back to Texas)” and “The Bitch Song,” which are likely to please fans old and new alike.

For more information, visit, and follow him on  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tik Tok.

Just Woke Up Tracklist:

  1. “Way More Country” (feat. Uncle Kracker) (Jaret Ray Reddick, Zac Maloy)
  2. “One of the Good Ones” (Jaret Ray Reddick, Zac Maloy)
  3. “Songs About Texas” (Jaret Ray Reddick, Zac Maloy)
  4. “Ohio” (Come Back to Texas)” (Jaret Ray Reddick, Ted E Bruner, Zac Maloy)
  5. “Royal Family” (Jaret Ray Reddick, Zac Maloy)
  6. “Doggonit!” (Jaret Ray Reddick, Zac Maloy)
  7. “Drunk as It Takes” (feat. Frank Turner) (Jaret Ray Reddick, Rodney Clawson, Zac Maloy)
  8. “You and Beer” (feat. Cody Canada) (Jaret Ray Reddick, Zac Maloy)
  9. “Natalie” (feat. Stephen Egerton) (Charles R Jones)
  10. “My Truck Up and Left Me” (Jaret Ray Reddick, Zac Maloy)
  11. “Back In 83” (Jaret Ray Reddick, Zac Maloy)
  12. The Bitch Song” (Jaret Ray Reddick)
Jaret Ray Reddick

Just Woke Up Cover Art | Download Here

Jaret Ray Reddick

Jaret Ray Reddick Press Photo
Photo Credit: Amy Barry | 
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Jaret Ray Reddick

Jaret Ray Reddick Press Photo
Photo Credit: Amy Barry | 
Download Here