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Creed Fisher Announces New Album
Rebel in the South Due Out June 24

Lead Single & Official Music Video “Cuz I’m Country” Due Out April 8

Rebel in the South
Rebel in the South Cover Art | Download Here

(Nashville, Tenn.– March 29, 2022) With over 31.7 million combined streams on Spotify and over 32.6 million views on YouTube with past releases, Texas-born southern rock artist Creed Fisher is gearing up to release a new album, Rebel in the South, this summer on June 24. The album will be available for pre-save worldwide on April 8.

This album is for those proud to be southern and exhibit the qualities that come with southern hospitality and roots. Produced by Bart Rose, Josh Rodgers, and Fisher himself, this 14-track album is the twin to his latest album release, Whiskey, and the Dog, as it mimics its songs and sentiments of love, drinking, and authentic, traditional country sound. Whiskey and the Dog debuted at #4 on the iTunes charts the day of its release in 2021, and Fisher hopes that Rebel in the South will only accelerate his career.

Fisher elaborates on the message behind the album, “Rebel in the South is for those who are proud to be Southern and don’t apologize for it. It’s for those who embrace their Southern Roots. As an artist, I do things my way by staying true to who I am, and with this album, I encourage everyone to stay true to who they are and where they come from in life. My message to the fans is – be proud of who you are, where you’re from, and if others don’t like it, know it’s ok to go against the grain and be original and true.”

Fisher pulled from his catalog to bring his best work together when creating the tracklist for this new project. Some songs on the album he has been holding onto for ten years. “Earplugs and Beer” were written in 2012, and “Til’ I Found You” was created in 2015. Fisher wants the music to have justice with every project he puts together. Now is the time he believes these songs will see the limelight, and the fans are ready.

The lead single to drop from the album, “Cuz I’m Country,” is released on Friday, Apr. 8. A Country music anthem, “Cuz I’m Country,” sets the tone for the album with its southern rock electric guitar riffs and Creed’s southern drawl singing lyrics, “I love my Mama and the Bible, but I still take a pull of the bottle, Cuz I’m Country.”

Rebel in the South follows a year of celebrations for Creed Fisher. He started 2021 off strong with a new partnership signing with Dirt Rock Empire, winning a Texas Country Music Award for Alternative / Roots Artist of the Year, and experienced success with several songs on Texas Radio.

Fisher has never been one to sell his soul to trends, and he keeps it honest, which means writing songs that real people can relate to; the good, bad, and ugly, and Rebel in the South is another prime example of that.

Fans can stay up to date on news and announcements from Creed Fisher by checking out his website or by following along with his journey on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter. For tour information, visit

Rebel in the South Tracklist is as follows:

 1. “Cuz I’m Country” (Creed Fisher and Kaleb McIntire)

 2. “Nashville” (Creed Fisher, Jared Hill, and Michael J McGregor)

 3. “Down & Dirty” (Creed Fisher, Jared Hill, and Michael J McGregor)

 4. “Rebel In The South” (Creed Fisher)

 5. “Earplugs And Beer” (Creed Fisher)

 6. “I Still Miss You” (Creed Fisher)

 7. “Daughter Of An Outlaw” (Creed Fisher and Mark Jones)

 8. “Wasted Life” (Creed Fisher and Mark Jones)

 9. “Rebel In The South In Me” (Creed Fisher)

 10. “Till I Found You” (Creed Fisher)

 11. “A Bar Near San Antone” (Creed Fisher and Mark Jones)

 12. “I’ll Keep Drinkin’’ (Creed Fisher)

 13. “Texas As F***” (Creed Fisher)

 14. “River Girl” (Creed Fisher and Mark Jones)

Cuz I'm Country
Creed Fisher
Creed Fisher Press Photo  Photo Credit: Sabrina Schmidt  Download Here