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Country Artist Jay Allen Releases An Empowering New Anthem “Better Now” Just in Time for Mental Health Awareness Month

“Better Now” is available now across all streaming platforms here

(Nashville, TN – May 13, 2024) – Rising country artist Jay Allen releases his highly anticipated new single, “Better Now.” Following the success of his previous singles, “New Girl” and “No Present Like The Time,” the release of “Better Now” drops just in time for Mental Health Awareness Month throughout May. “Better Now” is available now across all streaming platforms here.


“Better Now” is more than just a song; it’s a heartfelt journey through the depths of personal growth and resilience. Penned by talented writers Dustin Christensen and Josh Kelley, this anthem of overcoming hardship was recorded in the heart of Nashville. The track was produced and mixed by Matt McClure and mastered by Georgetown Masters. Allen’s connection to the song runs deep, as he recounts feeling an immediate and profound resonance upon first hearing the song. “Better Now” is a mirror reflecting the trials and triumphs of Allen’s own story, making it an anthem of empowerment and hope for listeners everywhere.


Allen speaks on the new single, sharing, “In 2019, my mother passed away from Alzheimer’s and it about killed me. For years, I turned to alcohol as a solace all while simultaneously giving my life to charity work. In my efforts to fight the disease, I unfortunately lost myself. Others saw a happy guy, but what I felt was the opposite. Thankfully, 5 years later, the world seems a lot brighter for me. I’ve found faith, love, and most importantly I’ve found myself again. I also wanted to release ‘Better Now’ in May during Mental Health Awareness month because we’re all going through something, and sometimes we just need a little hope. My prayer is that this song can be that for someone.”


Raised near Cedar Falls, Iowa, Allen’s musical journey has been influenced by a diverse range of experiences, from his father’s rock performances to the country music soundtracks of long drives with his mother. Since relocating to Nashville in 2013, he has made significant strides in his career, securing publishing and artist deals with major industry players like SONY/ATV.


In 2018, Allen captured global attention with his hit single, “Blank Stares,” a touching tribute to his mother’s battle with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. The song’s poignant message resonated with millions, amassing over 500 million views on Facebook and earning Allen widespread acclaim.


Beyond his musical achievements, Allen is deeply committed to raising awareness for Alzheimer’s disease. He has been actively involved in various international events, including the esteemed Rita Hayworth Gala, and has received accolades for his advocacy work, including The Caregiver Award from the National Alzheimer’s Association.


Allen’s recent invitation to the White House for a private screening of a documentary featuring a theme song he wrote underscores the impact and reach of his music. He continues to support meaningful causes, participating in initiatives such as the First Lady’s Joining Forces campaign and performing for members of Congress at the US Capitol.


In addition to his philanthropic endeavors, Allen has embarked on his first headlining tour, the “Night of Hope Tour,” where he is sharing personal stories and raising awareness about Alzheimer’s disease. Tickets for the tour are available now on his website.


As Allen prepares for the release of “Better Now” and his forthcoming album later this year, fans can stay updated on his journey by visiting his website and following him on social media platforms including FacebookInstagram, and TikTok.

"Better Now" Cover Art