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Copperhead Jones Releases Debut Album "Anchor"

Copperhead Jones music is excited to declare the release of the debut album from Copperhead Jones, Anchor, which became available across all streaming platforms on Friday, September 2nd, 2022.


This album consists of 13 new songs for the year 2022. Here is the list of songs:


Track 1: No One Givin’ Up

Track 2: Where the Heart Will Always Be Track

Track 3: Travelin’ Dad

Track 4: Hungover on You

Track 5: Rodeo Pain

Track 6: Anchor

Track 7: Lonesome Shadow

Track 8: The Hard Way

Track 9: Texan All the Way

Track 10: Man’s Best Friend

Track 11: Burnt Cigarettes

Track 12: Can’t Say No Eyes

Track 13: Cold Beers and Tight Lines

The debut album “Anchor” is a statement of who Copperhead Jones is, where he’s been, and where he is going. The album takes you to the rivers of Florida, the plains of Texas, and the oceans of the world. Having grown up in Florida then serving in the US Navy to go through a sea of depression yet come out on the other side to find a safe haven in Texas is the foundation for the album. The album depicts just that in a direct way but also uses metaphors to create imagery to capture the full emotion of this 13-song story. 

Zack Jones