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Nashville, TN (August 4, 2023) – Pop/Rock and Americana recording artist Carl Pariso is setting off fireworks with his newly released single “Spark.” You can listen to the song HERE!

With exciting lyrics like I’m always late but not this time, across the table I catch your eye, replace the worry that’s been on my mind with how you look tonight, “Spark” will have listeners feeling butterflies in their stomach.


“I think everyone has a word or a phrase to express that initial, unbridled connection when they meet someone special in their life,” Carl shares. “I always used the word ‘spark.’ My co-writer on this song, Daniel Hansen, played what would be the beginning riff of the song, and I told him ’It sounds like an empty lighter flickering as it makes sparks.’  We thought that was an idea to run with and ended up being the most exhilarating and efficient process of writing a song that either of us had ever been a part of. Daniel and I had just recently met before writing this song and writing this song together ’sparked’ a very real and special friendship. We are proud of this song, and hope it connects with people who have either found or are waiting for their ‘spark.’”

About Carl Pariso:
Carl Pariso is a Nashville-based singer/songwriter hailing from Montague, New Jersey. With a dynamic blend of pop/rock and traditional Americana influences, Carl’s music captivates audiences with its theatrical flair and relatable storytelling.

Carl’s journey in the realm of music led him to the dazzling streets of New York City, where he quickly made a name for himself as a standout performer in the world of Musical Theatre. After an awe-inspiring stint as part of the acclaimed Broadway Tour of Cabaret in 2018, Carl decided to focus his immense talents on the composing side of the theater world. He curated a mesmerizing cabaret at The Duplex in NYC, featuring an array of his own original musical theater works, brilliantly directed by the esteemed Travis Greisler, Associate Broadway Director of The Cher Show.


In 2021, Carl made the decision to embark on a new chapter in his illustrious career, relocating to the vibrant city of Nashville, TN. Currently, he is in the midst of recording his forthcoming album, aptly titled “Level 30,” which is set to be released in October 2023. In addition to his studio work, Carl continues to captivate audiences throughout the Nashville  area with his energetic live performances. He released his newest single called “Spark” on August 4, 2023. Building upon his growing momentum, he has an exciting tour lined up for the fall of 2023. 


One thing is certain – diving into Carl’s upcoming album will allow you to truly understand him as an artist and forge a lasting connection, making you a fan for years to come.


For more information, visit and follow Carl on InstagramFacebookSpotify and TikTok.