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Aussie Musician Luna Sterling Takes On Hollywood, Shows Off Homeland To The World With “Burning Down”

With the release of her “Burning Down” single and video, the Queensland native showcases her homeland to an international audience.

It will be interesting if this is the response after only a few days of its release.”

— Luna Sterling

Luna Sterling

MALIBU, CA, USA, March 25, 2022 — Luna Sterling, an up-and-coming Australian performing and recording music artist, has released her new electro country-pop single, ‘Burning Down.’ The song has received over 10,000 Spotify plays in the past few days, already. Inspired by her love of Queensland, the official music video was filmed there late last year, and postproduction took place in Hollywood, California.

Luna’s latest song is inspired by her love of Queensland’s diversity, from the beaches to the outback, all available within a few hours’ drive. “Queensland is unique and beautiful and deserves to be internationally recognized,” she said. “I dreamed of creating a cinematic Australian music video showcasing Queensland for many years. It took time to create the right song. I’m proud of this track and happy with the response so far. It was a community effort with many Gold Coast artists and professionals assisting in the process. The learnings I gathered from the Gold Coast Coomera TAFE, where I studied for a Diploma of Music, were invaluable to my career progression. Studying at the Gold Coast TAFE gave me access to expert recording facilities, teachers with real-life music experience, and students who I could collaborate with on a level beyond my expectations.”

Already achieving over 900 YouTube plays and 1000 Apple Music downloads, Luna is excited about where this new track has the potential to go. “It will be interesting,” she says, “if this is the response after only a few days of its release.”

“I’m incredibly grateful I’ve been able to travel the world, create and perform music with the skills and foundation the Queensland TAFE offered me. The facilities at the Coomera Gold Coast TAFE are world-class. The teachers are incredibly professional and should be recognized for their contribution to the development of new Australian music. I’m proud as a Gold Coast girl that artists have the ability to access this level of music professionalism in Queensland. It really is world-class”.

After recording with TAFE colleagues in Burleigh Heads, Luna flew directly to Los Angeles to complete her new “Burning Down” official music video and is now on tour in Mexico, where she resides for part of the year in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Managing to continue her music dreams throughout covid, she says, was the biggest challenge of all; but one she was willing to fight for.

Her new song, “Burning Down,” is available to stream on Spotify, view on YouTube, and download on multiple platforms, including Apple Music.

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