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Anna May Releases Performance Video for Her Single “Freedom of Love”

Americana artist Anna May is proud to announce the release of her performance video for her single “Freedom of Love”.  “Freedom of Love” is the tenth track off her 2022 album Detach.  The song and the entire album are available on BandCamp.  The music video was filmed at Gnarly Whale Sounds in Nashville and can be viewed below.


“Freedom of Love” is based on a personal reflection during a quiet moment of solitude.  In that state, Anna thought about modern love and the stages people go through in a relationship.  She weighed the intense highs of human interaction with the aching lows of being alone.  In the end, the meditative lyrics express Anna’s belief that even in the darkest of times, individuals will return to a state of life and connection. 


Anna explains the tune’s optimistic conclusion as, “In a space so sterile and empty, I knew that it would be possible to reconnect with states of freedom, evoked by love, which bring sustenance and sanctity to our experience of being alive.”


Gnarly Whale Sounds provided the perfect setting for the song’s theme with the acoustic guitar setup, simple backdrop, and amber-colored aesthetic.  The effective, unbusied display focuses the attention on the song’s unfolding narrative.


“Freedom of Love” is a strong example of Anna’s distinct musical style which sonically draws from the American West.  She connects deeply with the geographic area’s vast nomadic spirit while introducing elements of the folk and jazz genres.


Anna’s latest release is anticipated to build on her already extensive touring accolades and media coverage.  She has performed alongside Amythyst Kiah, People Museum, and Jann Klose and at prestigious festivals including the Wildflower Music & Arts Festival, the Treefort Musical Festival, the Boston Arts Festival, and the Water Lantern Festival.  Anna has been featured in numerous publications including Medium, Music Crowns, Music Mecca, and Authority Magazine.


Americana supporters are encouraged to follow Anna on social media at, Facebook @annamayfolk, and Instagram @stardustmemory.annamay.