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Alannah McCready Releases EP, Back To Me - Out Today!

The EP Is Out Now On All Streaming Platforms


(Nashville, Tenn. – May 6, 2022) Singer-songwriter Alannah McCready just released a new EP, Back To Me, available on all streaming platforms today. To stream the track, click HERE.

McCready began creating the EP during the pandemic in 2020, pouring her heart into the new music. Wanting to take the EP in a new direction from her previous releases, McCready involved brothers Sterling “David” Gittens Jr. and Will Gittens, who became her sole collaborators on the project. Produced by Sterling “David” Gittens Jr., McCready penned all five tracks on the EP alongside Will Gittens, with Sterling “David” Gittens Jr., also co-writing “Can I Call.”

McCready shared how the project came to fruition, explaining, “The Back To Me EP is the first original project I have released in almost four years, and I couldn’t be more proud of what we have created. From the start, I felt the EP would be in good hands with Will and Sterling. They are two of the most talented people I have ever met and my close friends, so I knew the project would be authentic because they knew me so well.”

The EP features a wide variety of tracks tied together by McCready’s distinct sound, a unique blend of modern country and mainstream pop. Additionally, the project showcases the versatile nature of McCready’s voice with tracks featuring both her rich, powerful notes and her softer, angelic delivery.

Back To Me explores the countless feelings many people experience surrounding a relationship. The tracks focus on themes such as the need for self-love and having high standards in a relationship, experiencing loneliness, the empowering feeling that accompanies finally moving on from a toxic situation, feeling cautious with a new love, and the challenges of a long-distance relationship. Whether in a thriving relationship, recovering from heartbreak, or any experience in between, McCready offers an honest, fresh take on the ups and downs of love for each and every listener.

McCready explained the inspiration for the EP, saying, “I wanted to make sure the EP had something for everyone in my audience and showcased who I am as an artist and songwriter at this point in my career. I am so proud to say this project includes my go-to girl-power anthem ‘Back To Me,’ an extremely vulnerable, realistic moment in ‘On My Own,’ a feel-good track about the possibilities of love in ‘Take It Slow,’ an honest moment about what I need in a relationship in ‘Something Like That,’ and a relatable song about longing for someone you love called ‘Can I Call.’ I think this entire project is the most vulnerable and relatable my music has ever been. I cannot wait for everyone to hear it and hopefully use it as a soundtrack for situations in their own lives.”

The full tracklist for the EP includes:


 1. “Something Like That” (Alannah McCready, Will Gittens)

 2. “On My Own” (Alannah McCready, Will Gittens)

 3. “Back To Me” (Alannah McCready, Will Gittens)

 4. “Take It Slow” (Alannah McCready, Will Gittens)

 5. “Can I Call” ft. Will Gittens (Alannah McCready, Will Gittens, Sterling “David” Gittens, Jr.)

The release of this project comes on the heels of previous singles, “Can I Call” and “Something Like That,” with each song creating industry buzz. Both tracks will appear on the Back To Me EP.

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Alannah McCready was born near Minneapolis, MN, and has loved a diverse range of music since a very young age. She attended the University of Madison, WI, on a full athletic scholarship for women’s hockey. Her passion for music never left completely, yet her involvement with the college and pro sports worlds did not allow a great deal of time to pursue other interests.

Upon graduating, McCready took a job doing PR for a sports management company in New York and began writing music again. Her uncle, a recording artist in Los Angeles, gave her a connection to a music producer in Nashville, who urged her to come to visit and test out a few songs. To her delight, she was told by professionals that, yes, she should be pursuing a professional musical path. She packed up her bags and moved south and has been honing her craft ever since.

McCready is taking her can-do attitude and confidence learned from playing a primarily male-dominated sport to her music career. She takes her creativity seriously but with a healthy dose of fun and playfulness for her craft.

For more information about Alannah McCready, please visit and follow her on SpotifyFacebookTwitter, and Instagram.
Back To Me

Cover Art for “Back To Me” | Download Here 

Alannah McCready Press Photo

Alannah McCready Press Photo

 Photo Credit: Alex Berger – Weird Candy Creative Group

 Download Here

Alannah McCready Press Photo

 Photo Credit: Alex Berger – Weird Candy Creative Group

 Download Here