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Ainsley Costello Releases New Single “Two Ships”

Ainsley Costello's Two Ships Single

“If you go down, I’m coming too,

 We promised that we’d see this whole thing through.”

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – (FRIDAY, June 10, 2022) – “Two Ships” is the 23rd single from (just turned 18 years old) Ainsley Costello. As always, Ainsley has her eye firmly set on creating a legacy that will stand the test of time, and her latest release, ‘Two Ships,’ continues this trend. “Two Ships” is a lyrically rich, deeply emotive, and highly relatable offering that adds yet another unforgettably heartwarming piece of music into her ever-growing catalog of music. While this offering is undoubtedly a ballad, don’t give up on this song too early as it has a big surprise ending – you won’t be sorry you stuck around for it. 

Costello continues to showcase her songwriting ability in relating to subjects outside of her own life story. Although the heartbreaking theme of ‘Two Ships’ is a universal break-up song, this one is sung by a young girl who’s never been in love or had her heart broken. The track’s delivery does a wealth of justice to speak about how it feels to lose someone romantically – or for any reason. “Two ships” is an intimate and authentic story that is another showing of Ainsley writing well beyond her years.

“I love this song because it feels so cinematic in a way that I haven’t really explored in any of my other songs.” I’m excited for everyone to hear what we accomplished with this song and I’m really excited to rock out to this live (yes, we are definitely going to rock out to this ballad!)” ~ Ainsley Costello